Black agate lapis lazuli | original stone bracelet natural stone bracelet full ore series

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Black agate lapis lazuli stone bracelet natural stone bracelet customizable



Black agate lapis lazuli | original stone bracelet natural stone bracelet full ore series


Main ore: black onyx lapis lazuli (selected ore blue shades) Bead size: 6mm Size: Customized (made with Japanese silk elastic thread) Black Onyx Balance positive and negative energy, eliminate tension and stress, and promote happiness and longevity. Lapis lazuli (lapis lazuli) Promoting optimistic thinking and enhancing creativity, whether it is rational (work decision) or emotional (art creation), is helpful, and its soft energy can relax and help calm down. //Bracelet size // Measurement method: 1. Use the cloth ruler around the position where you want to wear the bracelet, and align it to see the size (cm). 2, without cloth ruler can be measured with inelastic rope or paper, the same circle and then placed on the ruler to view the size (cm) Be sure to measure the size of the "just right" patch, without deliberately tightening or reserving the size. We will make the size that is comfortable to wear :) **After placing the order, please be sure to inform the designer of the "sticky" hand size to avoid receiving different sizes!** [Spring lazy | Natural stone hand made] The four seasons balance the harmony of nature. Warm and pleasant spring blooms, soothing the cold of winter I look forward to injecting the warmth of spring into my work, and conveying the warmth to everyone with a variety of hand-made ornaments. Each piece is a gift, with a hope and expectation, for yourself or a loved one, to keep the warmth in your heart and continue to write your own story in a relaxed and happy pace. - Handmade jewelry - Made with natural stone and a variety of media, Give each piece a personality and a story. Regardless of men and women, everyone can find accessories that suit them. **If you like a style, you want to change it to no fall, change the pendant or all-silver accessories and customize it.** 🔸 Natural stone is prepared by myself, and it is difficult to see a similar theme work on the outside. 🔸 Natural ore is different, there may be ice cracks, cotton wool, different lines and gradients, just like everyone has different stories, and acceptable friends can place orders again. 🔸Customized prices will be quoted depending on the material and the type of ore. Welcome to the private message. __The jewelry of this design museum are all customized products. It is not applicable to the Consumer Protection Law. Article 19: During the hesitation period, please confirm your needs and then place an order.__ [Spring lazy | Products need to know] __About ore jewelry maintenance__ 🔸 Avoid contact with perfumes, chemical liquids, soaps and human sweat. After a lot of sweating, it is recommended to use a little water to wipe the bracelet and wipe it dry to extend the life of the product. 🔸 Avoid rubbing against hard objects and sharp objects, and easily damage ore and sterling silver goods. 🔸 When not wearing, place it in the attached zipper bag or jewelry box as much as possible to avoid cracks caused by friction and collision. 🔸 Daily life can wash your hands and touch the water, then gently wipe it, but do not touch the cleaning solution, so it is not recommended to wear it when taking a bath. The chemicals encountered may cause the crystal to be injured (the toilet is also moisture). / The place where the sputum is heavy), because most of the crystals have the function of absorbing the suffocating gas, it is recommended to purify after touching the sewage, entering and leaving the funeral, etc., so that it can restore the positive energy. *The properties of each ore are slightly different, so it is recommended to use the crystal hole purification method, aroma purification or temple furnace purification method to be simple and effective. __About the maintenance of metal parts__ The metal material (alloy/brass/sterling silver) is normal in oxidation. It will be worn in a retro color for a long time. If you want to maintain its gloss, please refer to the following maintenance methods: {brass jewelry} You can use a soft cloth or a silver cloth to wipe the surface with a little bit of copper oil to wipe the dirt and delay oxidation. {Silver jewelry} Do not approach the hot springs and keep it dry. The best maintenance method is to wear it every day. Because the body oil can make the silverware produce a natural and lustrous luster. 🔸When not wearing, use a tissue or soft cloth to gently wipe the surface, remove moisture and dirt and place it in the attached zipper bag or jewelry box to avoid contact with air. After the sputum begins to oxidize, use a small brush to rub a little bit of toothpaste to scrub the surface yellow scale. After washing and wiping, wipe it with a silver cloth to restore the luster. Then put it in a zipper bag and store it. 严重If it is severely oxidized, use a small brush to clean the fine seams of the jewelry, then drop a silver drop onto the paper, wipe off the black oxide on the silver surface, and restore the original brightness of the jewelry with a silver cloth. Handed over to professionals. Remember: the silver cloth can be reused, but it cannot be washed! {Tibetan silver alloy jewelry} 🔸 After washing the hands, please dry the surface and dry it, let it dry and place it in the zipper bag. 🔸 alloy jewelry can not be restored with silver cloth, but usually take a soft cloth to take a little copper oil or jewelry / leather jewelry maintenance oil lightly rub the surface, increase protection to delay oxidation time. After a long time of oxidation, you can take the bracelet back to the spring replacement (alloy / brass / sterling silver or ore), we will quote different materials and minerals, and then re-clean, change, and maintain And like the new ones, continue to complete your life journey with your friends. __About warranty__ Handmade jewelry has a certain quality, but do not deliberately pull, or it will cause damage to the goods. The bracelet is secured for three months, and the elastic bracelets are made of Japanese elastic threads. Inelasticity is made with high-durability fishing lines. If the rope is broken, Just send the pendant and the stone back to the studio and send it back for you immediately! ◮The first time I don’t charge the maintenance fee, but I need to pay the return shipping fee (the coupon with the postal price of 30 yuan will be sent to the studio) ◮Second time began to pay for maintenance (50-150 yuan) and return shipping ◮If there is a need to fill in the lack of stones or pendants, an additional material fee will be charged (different prices depending on the material and quantity) Every maintenance will be done for you to clean, clean and purify once:) Silverware requires deep maintenance and will be charged separately depending on the item. (There is a request for spring) //Package contains // Bracelets, protective bags, merchandise warranty cards, business cards, brand postcards and waterproof stickers Made in Taiwan handmade


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