Women's Gifts - For Girlfriends, Cold Handmade Soap Gift Boxes, Washing Body Soap, Exchange Gifts, Mother's Day

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Natural style gift, female choice, to girlfriend. Wife. Mother, exchange gifts, holiday, suitable as a gift for female friends.


JL House

Women's Gifts - For Girlfriends, Cold Handmade Soap Gift Boxes, Washing Body Soap, Exchange Gifts, Mother's Day


[**JL House Women's Gifts**/ Women's Choice Soap] Gift Box The gentle soap of the handmade soap is clean and moisturized. Suitable for people with delicate skin and sensitive skin, This is a set of natural micro-fragrance handmade soaps for delicate skin. Choose 2 pieces of handmade soap for women: Rose Life | Warm and elegant Han Fang + white rose pure soap Red Cree | Passionate Australian Red Mineral Soap + Fine Flower Essential Oil Scent There are two types of handmade soaps that are detailed in the plant. Handmade soap is made of natural materials such as pure vegetable oil, plant essential oil and mineral mud. Manual saponification is a natural decomposition after foaming, without burdening the environment. / Combined content / 1) Rose Life Soap 110~115g 2) Red Creep Soap 110~115g 3) Can choose whether to attach 1 piece of foaming net 4) Gift box packaging 5) A small card [ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/15mrmgMV ] ~ Warm and elegant Han Fang pure soap ~ Light green pure olive oil, West African cream lignin and original cocoa butter intertwined into a gentle soap, without the natural aroma added by the essential oil, a touch of Han Fang Yu Rong scattered, quietly in the soap into an oriental rose. ★Applicable: Neutral, dry and sensitive skin are suitable for use. ★ Usage: Gently massage with foam and rinse. The face is clean and not tight. It is easy to wash your face and take a shower. [ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/dY60PJHf ] ~ passionate red mineral mud oil soap ~ An iron-rich red slime suitable for bright skin. Sesame oil and sweet almond oil are good at making the skin smooth and shiny, giving a delicate lemon and flower aroma. ★Applicable: Neutral dry skin. ★ Usage: Gently massage with foam and rinse. Plus purchase of paper bags (can be selected at checkout) https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/539/31101953763_eecd0f63e2_m.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7307/28000298385_de91fd97aa.jpg JL House's handmade soaps are original products from the design studio. A unique hand-made natural lifestyle bath product that is aesthetically pleasing and innovative. 寄 Send to Hong Kong and Macao to use the**"SF Express" goods to the delivery fee**, the shipping cost within 1kg is estimated to be about 29HKD. Please fill in the address of "Business Address" or "Shun Fung Self-Service Station". SF Express in Hong Kong and Macao residential area will charge an additional fee of 30HKD. 祝 I wish you a good mood :) JL hand soap is made with natural ingredients and small amount, and the color/shape is slightly different. -This shop is exempt from the unified invoice store. If you need to open a unified invoice receipt, please note - Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese hand works


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