Xuan Zang. Voice of Nature │ Witchcraft Course: The first issue _ enlightenment (new class every month / Saturday)

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The Voice of Nature, a complete wizarding course, is directed by Philosophy and provides a worldview of the ambiguity. From ethnic backgrounds, text cases, interactive teaching to practice exercises, the content continues to recognize the connotation of ma
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Xuan Zang. Voice of Nature │ Witchcraft Course: The first issue _ enlightenment (new class every month / Saturday)


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/47946792218_293471fb7e.jpg Lian Shi once predicted: "When the iron horse gallops, the iron bird ascends to heaven, it is the day of the secret law." In order to promote the spirit of the secret, we set up a tutorial; the first introduction to the world view of witchcraft (heka), and guide the students to practice and master the magic. The Golden Dawn has created ten practice levels based on Jewish esotericism, but that does not apply to contemporary times. Marwygafen has eight courses and eight-phase enlightenment to set up a training course for apprentices; it forms the same group (eight characters) of Runes, which contains all the knowledge (Gnosis) required by the wizard. --- Cost: 2,500 yuan / period 周六 Saturday class: 17:00-18:30 The first four lessons, a total of eight sessions, are as follows: **I. Magic** Getting started Enlightenment is the most important course of the college, clarifying the basic logic of magical power, divine power, and magic for the public; and breaking the rumors of the rumors and providing a clear direction. Participants must go through the basics before they can access the content. In addition to the analysis of texts, cases and records, there are also interactive teaching; with body language, gradually grasp the connotation of "density". --- **II. Black witchcraft** Deep into the dark side of nature The curse is just a subordinate. The real black magic must face the face of the banshee (Gorgon); and interact with the gods and the gods (Mare), thereby reborn. It involves all the unbearable things and is the tempering ceremony of the wizard. The course omits the physical asceticism and leads the students to understand the negative principle in a cultural context. The big theme at this stage is "Enkoimesis", asking participants to record their dreams. If you harm others, you will be at your own risk. **III. Ceremony** Blessing, medical care and disaster relief The ancient Greeks believed that revenge was for balance. But in addition to passion and violence, there are other ways to achieve benefits. A grateful sacrifice can relieve distress, reward happiness, and even cure disease. The content of this issue will be traced back to the source and return to the essence of the "ritual". It is not limited to specific ethnic groups, sects and customs, but it is to explore common threads, to promote correct utensils, to adjust interest rates, and to eat, so as to benefit the public to improve their lives. **IV. White Witchcraft** Alchemy fire Once the students are on track, they can go deep into Hermeticism; further transform their consciousness and change their situation. We don't focus on chemistry and return to the original intention of alchemy: fostering strong creativity and repairing damaged minds. The course will teach more magical skills. **V. Divination** Art of observation Divination is a sign of inspection, not an accounting item. It requires a frank, open mind; going deep into the grass and understanding the hidden truth. This is the original meaning of Arcana. Through guidance, students are free to use the principles of divination, corresponding to Yijing, Tarot, Runes, astrology, tea, and even more simple forms. **VI. Exorcism** Defamation, obstacle removal, purification and redemption The Indian witch doctor pointed out that the spell can rectify the ghosts, but the sky has an evil spirit, but it cannot fall. It is necessary for people to understand and find prescriptions. The exorcist of the Holy See must know the name of the devil in order to recite the scriptures; we must also thoroughly understand our enemies through study and practice. Daily means of prevention are also provided. **VII. Totem Talisman** Explicit The image and the text are the projections of the concept, but not enough to show the whole picture; the party can only find the sattva of the symbol only by obscenity. Once you understand the true meaning, Fu can not only protect your body and cast spells, but also add life and add more fun. We will introduce the cursive nature of the sacred text; explain the central idea of totem worship. **VIII. Spell** Heart language The world is created by the Word, and humanity has not lost the melody, but it needs to be reawakened. This is the most subtle part of the school, and the course teaches the basic flaws of the curse; from the background of the sound to the steps of the prayer, there are traces to follow. Participants find their own language.