Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Book Set Beauty Teaching Aids Birthday Gift Christmas Gift Preschool

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**Initiate children's design originality** The mountains and forests of Taiwan have many beautiful colors and full of vitality! We hope to guide children to use the way of exploration, pay attention to the land under their feet; feel the magic of the environment color. Looking forward to the guidance of the story, let adults and children see the beautif


Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Book Set Beauty Teaching Aids Birthday Gift Christmas Gift Preschool

商品説明 **Initiate children's design originality** The mountains and forests of Taiwan are full of beautiful colors and full of vitality! We hope to guide children to explore the land under their feet, and feel the magic of environmental colors. Looking forward to the guidance of the story, let adults and children see the beautiful colors and rich elements of the natural world, and open the full surprise in the wardrobe of the seasons together. The "Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Book" series is synchronized in both Chinese and English. The content gathers the participation of parents from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, and Taiwan, and through the actual creative experience of children, this is full of the colors and colors of the four seasons in nature. Design an imaginary series of game books. **"Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Book" series content** "Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Book" series; there are "Miya Edition" and "Max Edition", a set of four books in both Chinese and English, each edition includes: a hardcover picture book that guides children to pay attention to environmental colors and seasonal changes, A clothing matching game book with static stickers for clothing and accessories (re-adhesive), a design exercise book with 48 sets of clothing silhouettes for the four seasons, and a color exercise book to explore the color elements of the four seasons. **"Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Book" Mia version contents** ◎Four Seasons Wardrobe Mia Picture Book ◎Miya-Clothing Matching Game Book (Contains: 44 clothing style stickers and 42 accessories stickers) ◎Design exercise book (including: 48 sets of clothing silhouettes) ◎Color exercise book (contains: 32 clothing styles and 12 four season guide pictures) **Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book** 4-6 years old is suitable for parent-child reading, 6 years old and above can try independent reading. Through warm hand-painting, children are led to extract design elements from nature and apply them to clothing design, so that children can feel the magic of color, and then understand the relationship between seasonal changes and the living environment. **Clothing matching game book** Clothing and accessories designed with the theme of the season are transformed into electrostatic stickers that can be repeatedly pasted; Let the children play with the various styles of dressing in the season! From headwear to necklaces, bags to shoes, a dazzling array of accessories and clothing style stickers, repeated pasting design allows children to complete the styling and design from head to toe, and enjoy the fun of being a little designer! **Design exercise book** Suitable for children over six years old Get to know all kinds of clothing silhouettes and try the matching of colors and patterns! Be a little designer and draw the beautiful elements of the four seasons. **Color exercise book** Suitable for children over four years old Encourage children to use intuition and feel to enjoy the fun of creation! Open the four seasons wardrobe full of surprises! A game book that you can play by yourself or with friends, and be a little designer together Guided by pictures of the four seasons, children spontaneously wander in the world of design The hand-feeling drawings have warm colors, and little children find their own style in the world of painting. Studies have shown that 3-6 years old is the golden age of children’s intellectual development, and the right brain mainly engages in image thinking based on images and imagination. Cultivating children's creative imagination can fully develop the right brain through training in graphics and space. **About the designer** "Juliette HUANG Huang Huijun" **background** Lisaa School of Design/Costume Design, Paris, France Taiwan Renaissance Art/Painting Group He has been in the fashion industry for 20 years and has lived abroad for many years. He returned to Taiwan in 2013 and started to create illustrations under the name Princess Cada. Co-founder and design director of Kids Design Workshop Teacher of ECA-Fashion Design Workshop at Taipei European Primary School. Textile brand design consultant **creation** 2015-Kami's Little Adventure (Bilingual Chinese and English) Picture Book 2017- Monochrome Bird Story (Bilingual Chinese and French) Picture Book 2016- Created a small fashion workshop brand **Designer's words** Regarding creation, nature always brings me full of inspiration. In this four-season wardrobe, I want to put the green magic seeds, so that adults and children who open the picture books can re-read the lines and colors of the mountains and forests. At the same time, I hope that through paintbrushes and years of design experience, the matter of "wearing clothes" in daily life will be like an exploration journey of beauty. I hope you will stop and open this wardrobe with curious eyes. Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Series Development Story **★Development of beauty** The colors of the natural world and the scenery in life are all sources of inspiration for design. Beautiful things can be mountains and rivers, or small pictures from life. Through the guidance of themes, children are encouraged to discover beautiful things, explore colors, play with styles, and then have their own unique views on beauty. **★Local international** In the classroom of Taipei European School, you can see children who are nourished by different cultures, each with its own wonderfulness. Embrace various differences in the world with an open vision, cherish the land under your feet, and cherish cultural differences. Therefore, we created four characters for the girl version: Mia, Pepe, Marta, and Sophie, while the characters for the boy version are: Max, Dongdong, Ma Yao, Will... They come from different cultures and backgrounds. , But they also like to explore the world of beauty and love the beautiful things in life. We hope that children will identify with and like themselves, no matter where they come from, they can be wonderful in their creations. **★Independent thinking** This set of picture book games starts with picture books, encouraging children to have independent thinking ability and design in an intuitive way. A theme "Four Seasons Wardrobe" activates infinite imagination. In the process of constant experimentation, he gradually forms his own design perspective and builds the ability of independent thinking. **origin** Kids Design Workshop was founded in 2014 in Taiwan by a pair of sisters who studied and worked in France. Committed to promoting children's aesthetic experience and guiding children to explore their own style. The small fashion courses we designed have been well received in Taipei European Elementary School, American Creative Center, Taipei New World Montessori Elementary School, etc.; but how to let more children participate in this aesthetic development process? In the summer of 2017, we developed a "small fashion design box" that can learn the basic concepts of design through games. We hope that this design box can spread the beauty seeds of dreams to big cities and small towns, allowing children to explore their own style through games. , To experience the sense of accomplishment of feel creation. Now we extend the exploration of beauty to the "Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book" series for preschool children. After many parents’ feedback and product trials, this set of "Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book" is available for girls and boys. The series received many positive responses. Thanks to all the parents and students who supported and participated in this journey of the small fashion workshop! **A sense of beauty has grown from an early age to cultivate style!** **Expert recommendation** **"Sindy Chou", Founder + CEO of Daosi International Education Institution** In the past 32 years of solid early childhood education experience, I deeply realized that children’s learning ability and willingness to learn depend on the motivation of learning interest.**"Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Storybook" is in the hardware Create a creative learning situation on the software, and use vivid and interesting pictures to guide learning on the software, so that children can develop artistic intelligence while learning intellectually! The soft colors and the in-depth and easy-to-understand content closely affect the children's learning ideas, I like it very much! I highly recommend it!** **"Mr. Kerry Nockolds" Academic Director of Taipei European School** I love the work that Petite mode do with the children, both in terms of inspiring creativity and then the practical skills of bringing their work to life. My daughter loves their workshops and the passion which the Petite mode team brings to their workshops transfers directly onto the children. Consequently my daughter has gone back to rejoin more workshops in which she has developed her style and her design skills, not to mention her enthusiasm for fashion! **I affirm that Little Fashion Workshop's efforts in children's education are not only inspiring creativity, but also giving students practical skills that can be brought to life.**My daughter loves their workshop very much, and the small fashion workshop team transfers their passion for work directly to the children. Therefore, my daughter has participated in many small fashion workshop courses, she has cultivated her own style and her design skills, not to mention her passion for fashion! **"Megan HSU" HESS School Director Ho Karen International Education Institution Moral Kindergarten** "A Closet for All Seasons" is a great way to inspire kids with their creativity on something that we never done before. When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be. We would definitely take a chance on it with our children. **"Four Seasons Wardrobe Picture Book Game Book" series is a new set of game books that inspire children to create.**When the opportunity is presented to you, you should seize it, because beautiful things may happen! He Jiaren always seizes opportunities that can inspire children's creative thinking! **Special thanks to** *The founder of Dalton International Education Institute, Sindy, the founder of Dao Si International Education Institute, fully supports and encourages *ECA Director of TES Extracurricular Courses at Taipei European Elementary School: Mr. Nockolds, give us a platform to share design ideas with children *Hess School Director Megan's affirmation of the small fashion workshop * Alfa & David-Filming support for impossible missions finalized in a short time *Gagala Indoor Market-Provides a warm and comfortable shooting area


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