**Pair of Doubles**= Three-dimensional embroidery = Customized exclusive key ring / charm / set of 2 free shipping

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"Custom three-dimensional" embroidery key ring, 2 free shipping discount groups


**Pair of Doubles**= Three-dimensional embroidery = Customized exclusive key ring / charm / set of 2 free shipping


◤**Offer Description**◥ This price is `` 2 '' three-dimensional embroidery key ring Free shipping in Taiwan 2 different colors and text are also available! *Although the three-dimensional embroidery is complicated, it can show a unique and interesting texture ^^* https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1862/43597220074_9a274442a8_b.jpg *Multiple colors and unique key ring* https://c2.staticflickr.com/1844/43597221404_4405b651c2_b.jpg *position of the buckle can be changed to the front or back*(This picture is for flat embroidery) https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1888/44266333152_30c52bea2e_b.jpg *The edges are burned with high temperature to protect the thread from wear.* https://c2.staticflickr.com/1865/43597220874_09a801f705_b.jpg **Size description**◥ Depends on text length and size 11cm in length / 5cm in width Thickness about 4mm (may have ± 0.5mm error) ◤**Material Description**◥ Non-woven foam metal copper ◤**How do we get started?**◥ **1. Choose a non-woven base color** There are currently 20 non-woven colors: https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1848/43597230574_caba471659_b.jpg If you want other colors, welcome to ask ~ **2. Decide on text content** It is recommended to make 4-8 letters. If you want to add some simple symbols such as "exclamation point", "love" and "star" (Three-dimensional embroidery models can only be made in English and numbers ~) **3.Embroidery and border color** Text embroidery currently available in "black" and "white" The embroidery color of the border is not limited, you can match it according to your preference ~ If you are not sure if the match is right, you can write to ask first. We will draw the artwork for your reference! **Customization process**◥ Step 1: Put the goods in the shopping cart and fill in the personal information. Step 2: When you checkout, carefully write the part you want to order in the "Remarks column" (3 items above). Step 3: After receiving the order, the designer will confirm the customized details in the website within 2 days. The customer must reply within 3 days, otherwise the production and shipping date may be delayed. Step 4: The designer will complete the production and shipment within 3-5 days after confirming the custom details. After the shipment, the customer will be provided with a shipping notice, and the customer can track the status of the product shipment at any time and place. **Intimate Dingning**◥ * If there is a shortage of fabric or other factors delay shipment, we will inform you separately. * There is inevitably a color difference between the photos and the actual products. The actual products are the main ones, please forgive me. * Slightly burnt black marks may appear on the burnt edges. If you mind, it is recommended to choose a dark background and embroidery thread If you have other ideas, welcome to provide us ~ We will continue to improve to meet everyone's needs ♥ Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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