[Spot] Sincere Goods-Tea Tree Chlorine Dioxide Dry Cleaning Hand Spray 100ml-2 Into The Group

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■ Fresh tea tree aroma ■ Convenient to go out and take up no space ■ Made in Taiwan, quality assurance



[Spot] Sincere Goods-Tea Tree Chlorine Dioxide Dry Cleaning Hand Spray 100ml-2 Into The Group


■ The fresh aroma of the tea tree, take good protection with you! Gaseous chlorine dioxide, rated A1 by the World Health Organization (WHO). ■ It can quickly maintain the effects of environment and personal hygiene, deodorization and degradation of chemical oxygen consumption. ■ The company quickly inhibits the breeding of pollution sources and is a new generation of oxidants for gaseous aqueous solutions. ■ No washing, no dilution, clean hands anytime, anywhere. ■ The spray indenter includes a lid design, which is lightweight and convenient for going out without taking up bag space! ■ Made in Taiwan, use it with peace of mind! Scope of application: Before and after meals or on public transportation, enter and exit hospital clinics, before and after toilets. Precautions 1. Please use it as soon as possible after opening. This spray is for external use only. Please avoid eating by mistake or spraying your eyes. If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor. 2. Please keep out of reach of children. This product is not edible. 3. This product is flammable, please keep away from fire source and keep the bottle cap tightly when using. ※ Children under six years of age should be supervised by an adult. Product specifications: Ingredients: gaseous chlorine dioxide, pure water, tea tree oil. Capacity: 100ml Number of entries: 2 Shelf life: 1 year Storage method: Please keep it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight Date of manufacture, font size: marked on the bottle Origin: Taiwan Agent: Jieyu Industrial Co., Ltd. ※ The image file (text) published on this sales page is the copyright of the company, and reprinting is subject to investigation. ※ This product is a personal hygiene product, and it cannot be returned (exchanged) if it is unsealed, used, or disassembled after it is sold, resulting in lack of integrity and loss of resale value. ※ The color of the product will be different due to the webpage presentation and shooting environment. The pictures are for reference only. The actual product is subject to the delivery style. ※ When the product is equipped with a situation map, it does not include the content of the shooting or the surrounding decoration items, and it is limited to the seller (gift) designated by the copywriter. ※ Before purchasing, please measure the size of the use area, and make sure that it is correct before buying to avoid the situation of mismatching dimensions. Please purchase carefully. ※ There is no delivery service at hypermarkets, department stores or shopping malls with in-house logistics, shopping centers, prisons, detention centers, container yards, import and export terminals, and military terminals. Please forgive me! ※ The delivery area is limited to the island of Taiwan. Do not use a post office box as the delivery address.


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