Cloud walk dry dry eternal flower ball + key ring group (custom)

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[ Cally's Flower x 小简生活式] Cloud walk dry dry eternal flower ball + key ring group


Cloud walk dry dry eternal flower ball + key ring group (custom)


Commodity story: Dream, goal, freedom Embrace the dream Strive to fly high Wishing your wishes will be fulfilled Customized description: You can choose a key ring you like; The frontal illustration of the flower ball and key ring is fixed; The key ring on the other side of the blank space can be customized, please provide up to 12 words. The design will not be started until you confirm it. a. I love you b. Every day is a wonderful day c. Full of blessings in the flowers d. Free flying like a dandelion e. Take good care of the fruits planted f. Everyone is unique g.You and Me-Promise size: Flower Ball - 8cm in diameter Key ring - diameter 4cm, thickness 0.3cm Material: Flower Ball - Plant, Dry Flower, Everlasting Flower, Plastic Ball, Ribbon Key ring - beech plywood + bronze metal buckle Use and maintenance methods: 1. Flowers do not need to be watered, away from humid environment, avoid direct sunlight 2. The best viewing period for dry flowers is one to two years, and the eternal flowers can be kept for several years (Remark 4) 3. If the flowers are contaminated with dust, do not touch the friction with your hands. You can use a soft dusting paper to gently wipe it off, or use a hair dryer to open the cold wind and gently blew it at a distance of 15cm. 4. The key ring is natural wood, please put it in a dry and ventilated place. If it is dirty, please wipe it with soft cloth. Origin and production method: Taiwan / handmade Remarks: 1. The shape and color of plants and flowers are unique in nature and will not grow exactly the same. 2. Each flower ball is hand-made, the size of the flower material, the packaging style, the matching method, the size, etc., will not be exactly the same as in the photo. 3. If there is a shortage of flowers, the designer will match the same value flower 4. The eternal flower is also known as the flowerless flower. It is the most beautiful time of the flower. It is made by special treatment. It is named because it has the soft touch of the real flower. The dry flower is made of natural air-dried flowers, including the production technology of the place of origin. It is made of natural materials, etc.; dry flowers and eternal flowers are made of real flowers. The production cost is high, and it needs to be kept in a dry and ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight and moisture, no need to water, most The viewing period is one to two years, and the eternal flower has a longer viewing period. 5. The key ring is made of natural wood products. The printed surface is normal and does not affect the use of the product. If it is unacceptable, please do not place an order.


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