Horror Poke Poke_Wooden Box Limited Special-Party Combination (Send New Year Limited Stamp Paper)

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❤️Only one set of limited wooden box combination is left, and it will be shipped from 2/2. Thank you for your support! ❤️ (A total of four themed games are optional: parent-child fun, true adventure, K song party, birthday celebration, super youth invincible) Five choice four theme games + 4 types of stamp paper to choose from, now plus size to send: New Yea


Horror Poke Poke_Wooden Box Limited Special-Party Combination (Send New Year Limited Stamp Paper)


(Since the wooden box needs to be customized by hand, please follow the product ordering instructions during the delivery period~^^) *TV show big push+ https://youtu.be/ndR6MtFfwdI Product Unpacking Introduction Video https://youtu.be/SaGtpCDSI1M 😍Product introduction: 35 grid wooden box + unimaginable horror fun tasks + diverse creative poke paper = reusable horror poke game! feature of product: ★With 35 grid holes, you can change the content of the task and the paper pattern at will. ★Contains four sets of mission cards, one set of self-filling cards, and 4 types of 10-style stamps with different themes. ★A total of 144 tasks are free to choose from, and there are 48 blank task cards, which can be filled in freely. ★Different occasions, different themes, choose appropriate tasks, and enjoy the fun of DIY. ★The whole family, classmates, colleagues, different relatives and friends have fun together and arouse the hearts of adults. ★ Friends gathering, parent-child interaction, birthday party, singing moments, the best fun game. ★It can be reused, and the task card and stamp paper can be refilled when used up. ★Wooden box hardcover limited edition, produced by Taiwan Wood Industry, shipped randomly, subject to the actual product. ★ Each theme task card can also be used as a bookmark collection. game instructions: This is a brave and trustworthy mission game. As long as you participate in this game, you must abide by the rules of the game. You must complete each task by yourself, and you cannot borrow the hands of others. After completing the mission, the next player can start the poke and the game continues. ... In this game, there are 35 grids (holes). You can randomly place tasks you choose, or you can fill in tasks yourself. Theme task description 【Parent-Child Happy Edition】 Have you ever seen a game that can keep children away from 3C, and will be surprised and happy, crying and laughing?! This is a game that allows the whole family to have fun together and enhance parent-child interaction. Task features: ★ Horror, exciting, a game that trains children to be courageous, trustworthy and responsible. ★ Suitable for the whole family to have fun together, enhance parent-child interaction, and leave the best memories. Game mode: This game requires the cooperation of the parents and the whole family, and abide by the promise. 1. There needs to be an adult as the master, and the children line up to poke. 2. When it's your turn, please say loudly: "It's my turn." 3. Select a grid, poke it hard, and read out the content aloud. 4. Be brave to execute the tasks you get on time, and don't use others. 5. The game can only continue after the previous player completes the task. [True Adventure Edition] This is a truth or dare game that will make you psychologically warrior. It promotes interaction with relatives and friends, understands each other, and is a tense, exciting and trustworthy mission game. Task features: ★ Horror and excitement, promoting interaction with relatives and friends, and trustworthy game. ★ Suitable for relatives, friends and classmates, to have fun together, understand each other, and leave the best memories. Game mode: 1. There is no master, everyone takes turns in a circle. 2. If you find a task you don't want to perform, please implement the following alternative penalties so that the game can proceed smoothly. (Alternative penalties can be amount or physical effort. Difficulty can be defined by yourself, but it is recommended that the more penalties, the better, to encourage the actual performance of the task) 【Ultra·Youth Invincible Edition】 (True Adventure Edition) Advanced version of the game, suitable for (over 17 years old) girlfriends, friends, classmates and colleagues to have fun, exciting task games, promote the interaction between male and female friends and girlfriends, mutual understanding, tension and excitement , Trustworthy mission game. Task features: ★ Horror and excitement, promoting interaction with male and female friends, girlfriends, colleagues, and trustworthy games. ★ Applicable (over 17 years old) for happy moments with friends, classmates and colleagues. [K song party version] When partying with family and friends, only singing and snatching songs, then... after-show? This is a mission adventure game that allows you to engage in psychological warfare. It is exciting, terrifying, and can definitely increase your interaction with relatives and friends, but... it may also destroy your relationship. Use it carefully! Task features: ★ When singing joy with friends and family, leave the most special memory. ★ Classmates reunions, office workers sing karaoke, the best fun game. 【Birthday Party Edition】 For your birthday party, be more nervous, exciting, and more fun! When you are celebrating your relatives and friends, in addition to blowing candles, hope to get more interactive and happy time. The birthday party version of horror poke fun can definitely help you get more joy and good memories. Task features: ★ The whole family, relatives and friends have fun together and arouse the hearts of adults. ★ Parent-child birthday, classmate birthday, the best fun game. Game mode: 1. There is no master, everyone takes turns in a circle. 2. At the beginning of the birthday star, there will be two death-free gold medals, and the horror missions that are poked can be used to offset. (It is recommended to play the game after blowing out the candles and making a good wish) Product specifications ◆Applicable age: suitable for the whole family, relatives and friends to have fun together, leaving interesting and beautiful memories. ◆Contents: limited collection of wooden boxes, four sets of different themed task paper cards, four types of 10-style stamp papers with different themes, a set of 48 blank task cards (with a strange pen) ◆Size: 400mm290mm(H)70mm ◆Weight: about 2.1kg *remind: 1. The quest card redemption coupon in the game is only a part of the game quest. It is only applicable to the horror poking game series. It is invalid to redeem it directly at the store. 2. This game only provides entertainment and fun, any game task instructions, the player must not harm others, please consider the game execution method.


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