Tiffany green brush - iPhone (i5.i6s, i6splus) / Android (Samsung Samsung, HTC, Sony) original phone case / protective cover / customizable

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Texture hard protective shell, can be washed clean and does not fade, long-term use will never turn yellow!



Tiffany green brush - iPhone (i5.i6s, i6splus) / Android (Samsung Samsung, HTC, Sony) original phone case / protective cover / customizable


Tiffany green brush - phone case 🌀**If you don't like matte shells**🌀 We also have the following material options Upgrade the air compressor shell Upgraded Glass Mirror Case 👉🏻 Extra purchase services have these Add word service 👉🏻 Change the color service 👉🏻 Be sure to read before you buy!! ️ 👉🏻 Mobile Shell Model List #New speeds on new phones are very fast We have no time to update the model list If you do not see the matching model from the model list You must ask us in trouble Most models should have XD iPhone7 and i8 size are the same, just a single i7 ⭕️**Some important things you need to read before placing an order**⭕️ ⭕️ # Mobile phone case regardless of model material All orders are made after the order is placed (7-10 days without holiday work days) Therefore, all of them are custom-made products and no return service is provided. If there is any problem with the product, please use the station letter to contact us After receiving the letter, it will be processed as soon as possible during working hours # If the phone has an envelope Do not recommend purchasing matte hard shell We have a service to provide hard shell upgrades If you want to upgrade your favorite hard shell style to an air shell Details can click on the URL 👇🏻 # Hard shell or air shell is good? First you need to understand Hard shell pattern is printed on the entire shell (full version) Can be washed without discoloration The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to falls and there is no four-sided cladding Embossed air pressure shell only front side printed pattern four sides transparent Using direct-injected relief technology, the pattern feels three-dimensional Good protection, suitable for easy to fall to the mobile phone buyer The disadvantage is that the use of a long time will oxidize yellow In fact, each material has its advantages and disadvantages You can evaluate it yourself # Mobile phone shell is used to protect the phone This is really important, we must understand! If you find that the phone shell is cracked or the edges are worn Or maybe it took a while to start with a few scratches on the shell That means it really protects a valuable mobile phone! Mobile Shell Jun you work hard! ! Material will determine the protection of the phone shell Please choose according to your needs and preferences Everyone minds different places and different degrees of acceptance So we are trying to add more phone shell materials so that everyone has more choices You can write a letter to inform us that we will recommend it to you # Hard shell will feel tighter and harder to disassemble due to material relationship Be especially careful when removing It is not easy to cause hard shell cracking or cracking Hard shell loading and unloading and careful practice can be practiced skillfully! #Orders are scheduled every other day after ordering Mobile phone shell custom time is 7-10 without holiday workday Because manufacturers are produced in order according to the order Unable to accept urgent orders After the production of goods is completed, we will first check If there is a problem with the product, it will be returned to the manufacturer. A working day will require a few more days for the buyer to understand # Some buyers care about the color difference Because of the different relationships between shooting light and the display of each computer phone It is very difficult to have a standard that accurately describes the color of the product If you really care about color In addition to suggesting that you buy in the entity You can also send a letter asking if there is a real photo of this product. If we have this style just in hand I'm very happy to shoot for you After confirming and ordering purchase, you can avoid receiving it. Unsatisfactory or misunderstanding of the color of the product # Choose to purchase the goods from the supermarket. Please be sure to pick up the goods. Because the goods are shipped in addition to the cost of the goods themselves We also spent the effort and freight If you are easy to regret buying or easy to forget buyers who have purchased goods Please select the business code payment or ATM transfer There are 3-7 days to consider whether it is necessary After confirming and paying within the deadline Avoiding picking up payment and not picking up goods cause both sides to bother Many thanks! 🌀**Common Products Q&A**🌀 Q: Will I receive a product that I don't like or have the wrong model, can I return it? A: customized products (Model is not IPHONE & color change, plus word, upgrade air pressure shell, glass mirror shell) Unable to return the goods, please help us confirm once more before ordering. Q: Will my cell phone have an envelope that I can use? A: Hard shell style due to material relations ~ coating is not applicable Oh! Recommend to choose soft shell Q: What should I do if the phone case gets dirty or dirty? A: Our mobile phone case is waterproof! All can be washed or wiped with water. Q: Will the phone shell get rid of paint? A: The normal use of the mobile phone itself will not fade! However, if you use a sharp object to scrape it, you still cannot avoid it. Q: The product is exactly the same as the photo? A: Because of the different display screens and shooting light, the color of the product may be slightly color difference! Re-emphasizing that if you are very concerned about the color difference, you can first take a photo with us. Take it to you before you decide Q: How do I track numbers after shipping? A: We will always attach tracking numbers to our shipments, and we can also ask us by private means.


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