Lime Basil (dishes endemic species) _ Herb Pot "gift money"

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Lime Basil (dishes endemic species) _ Herb Pot "gift money"


◼︎ Made in Taiwan ◼︎ pot dishes endemic species cultivated alone ◼︎ Known Basil Basil, Greek etymology is "βασιλευς" means king. Since the Greek, Roman, it has been noble vanilla, also known as St. Joseph grass. Basil represents the sacred symbol of noble character and loyalty, friendship, British horticulturist potted basil guests will be presented as a token of friendship. Lime Basil dishes are unique varieties of basil, lemon flavor unlike ShangXi basil, Has a unique fragrance of lemon aroma fragrance, but no lemon sour, People feel a surge of warm, comfortable atmosphere, relax. As a solution greasy food to taste, with lettuce or brewing tea are suitable. People care for themselves or a special gift, Who says only vegetables in our hearts imagined. Dishes can be beautiful, but we did not find, Can accompany, you can heal, you can eat. ░ ░ use Ornamental, cooking spices to taste (meat, seafood), lettuce mix, brewing tea, Clean air deworming, baking cookies, pharmaceutical, oil refining, etc. ░ ░ effect So that feelings of relaxation, carminative stomach to aid digestion, powerful antioxidants and other anti-cancer ░ ░ contents Lime seedlings potted basil, lime basil small card, green finger guide, pickles packaging design ░ ░ size 9 cm x 9 cm potted plants about 15-20cm (70-80 days old Uenae) [Things] about us We hope that through, let people think about planting, giving a new definition of a group. _ You can define it as a healing viewing comfort, _ You can also use it as the value of fresh consumption, Just a little heart, you can often eat their own kind of organic fresh dishes, From the beginning of life to raise a pot dishes, experience the beauty of nature, creation, Perhaps, raising from the dishes may not perfect, But also true _ hands full temperature and nature, To look at a different mood, eyes, mouth feel eating, The view is different from the past and taste. __[Note]__ __If you have time on the orders demand, it is recommended to use the first letter of the station to ask our current inventory situation dishes Oh! Product photos are only illustrative, according to availability at the time of providing the best dishes states. Because the plant itself is unique and can not be copied individual, even of the same species, also due to the growth process, affected by temperature, sunlight and other seasonal changes have not exactly the same appearance.__ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan dishes by hand cultivation


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