Sterling silver ~ small leaf writing English alphabet necklace (lettering service)

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You can type the English letters (there is a workshop where you can type the words) Customized to be your one-of-a-kind small card necklace.



Sterling silver ~ small leaf writing English alphabet necklace (lettering service)


故饰~**『Small silver small leaf writing English alphabet necklace』** The shape of the small leaves is forged on the small scoring, and the small twist makes the shape smoother. The metal surface treatment of the yin, yang, and gray is used to present the layering of the jewelry. You can knock an English letter (there is a workshop that can be typed) ), made into a unique small card that belongs to you. PS. Because it is hand-forged, each piece will be slightly different from the product photo, and it is more suitable for you who like it. **Please read the Design Pavilion Trading Policy before placing your order.** **有If you have any questions, you can ask the designer directly through the message☀☀** **The forging and knocking works are unique, and each piece of jewelry has different effects.** **『Size X accessories』** Size: about 0.8x1.2 cm Chain: The total length of the 16-inch silver chain is about 41 cm. The total length of the 18-inch silver chain is about 46 cm. **"Engraving Service - please indicate at the checkout or ask by message"** **This product can be knocked on the front: 1 in English** **『Material X texture』** 970 sterling silver X 925 sterling silver chain, electroless, to prevent allergies! Use three or more yin and yang treatments (light and shadow). **"production time"** The RUBI Summer Solstice Studio will provide you with good quality products. It will be produced as soon as possible after receiving the order, about 7~10 working days. Please inform us in advance, we will make it for you as soon as possible. **『Notes X Handmade』** From design, production, packaging to shipping, the fun of each piece of jewelry creation and the temperature of hand-made. The products are handmade, non-machine pirated, each product will be slightly different, suitable for you who like unique and hand-made. **"Package Contents"** "Rich Silver Leaf Writing English Letters" necklaces are accompanied by "Ribi Summer Solstice Packing Group" Tote bag + jewelry box + silver cloth (random color) + zipper bag + silverware care instructions + Ruby summer card. **"Maintenance tips"** 瑞 The products of the Ruby Summer Solstice are all 970 sterling silver (chain 925 sterling silver), without the use of fading plating products. 避免 Avoid heavy pressure, pulling and impact when wearing, so as to avoid surface scratching and damage. 请 Please bring in the attached jewelry box or zipper bag when not wearing. ⁎ When the silverware is oxidized and blackened, wipe it directly with a silver cloth. 勿 Do not touch hot springs, etc., which will cause the silver to be blackened and blackened. ⁎ Wear it every day, the body's grease, temperature, etc. will make the silver jewelry more and more beautiful! Ps If the silverware is worn more and more black, it means that the silverware is adsorbing the bad substances in the body! **"Intimate little blessing"** Friends who are separated in two places or are too busy to give gifts directly, We provide postcards and mailing services. Through the words of Ruby, you will send your full heart and blessings to you in the distance while you are busy! Not limited to merchandise, no extra charge! **"Ribi Summer Solstice x After-sales Service"** Provide after-sales warranty service, in order to maintain the quality, if the necklace, bracelet, etc. are damaged or broken due to personal wearing factors after purchase, please contact us first, the designer will charge the cost according to the difficulty of repair and return mail. Shipping costs. **『Collect x fan group』** I like to make the story into a silverware. I like the smile after you receive the work. Collect some photos of the guests and share them with you. **"Please do something special for yourself."** After purchase, wear a photo of the jewelry through the message and share it with us! Please search for "Ribi Summer Solstice" on Facebook and hackers. Press or like, your support and encouragement is the driving force behind our continued creation. Plain, simple, warm companionship. Enjoy Simple. Enjoy Who You Are. Enjoy Dream. "If you want to customize the exclusive silver jewelry, you can write directly to the designer and discuss it! 』 **Origin / Taiwan** **Manufacturing method / original handmade**