PIXKMEORDIE One Carat Dream Fine Line Diamond Geometry Handmade 925 Silver Clavicle Chain

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Mini diamonds are finely shaped bracelets with the perfect geometric figure. The greater the flexibility of a simple design, it can be easily integrated with various shapes. Whether it is casual or unique personality, the simple charm can be used by any me



PIXKMEORDIE One Carat Dream Fine Line Diamond Geometry Handmade 925 Silver Clavicle Chain


Dreaming is a beautiful thing Practice takes a lot of courage The meaning of dreams lies in its process Rather than pure results, what is your dream? "One Carat Dream" Handmade 925 Silver Clavicle Chain ♥ Debut Don't wait for others to give it, you can have it yourself Dialogue between 3D diamond-like clavicle and neckline Provide lettering and inlaid stones, please discuss the lettering or customized diamond content with the designer before placing an order. / Material, packaging / 925 silver Brand exclusive package: wine bottle packaging, coffee bean bag, bag, purchase certificate, silver cloth 【production time】 Production will start after payment is completed. Designers will need 10-15 working days for handmade production (excluding holidays and shipping) [Product Delivery] Delivery of goods takes 3-7 days (excluding holidays) [Customized Instructions]  The works are handmade, and each real product is unique. Pictures may be slightly different. Cat fans are welcome to make appointments for appreciation if they have doubts.  Each ore has a different pattern and color, the actual product and picture may be slightly different, please accept it before ordering  The product is sold with a purchase certificate, a silver wipe and an anti-oxidation sealed bag [Maintenance method]  Avoid contact with acidic substances: jewelry will fade its luster and color over time after contacting the air. Do not use it in hot springs, swimming, bathing, and if it comes in contact with cosmetics, creams, chemicals, etc., it is personal use After normal wear and tear, not a defect  Periodic maintenance: oxidation of silver jewelry is a natural phenomenon. After wearing it, wipe it with a silver cloth, remove dirt and put it in a sealed bag to avoid oxidation.  Do not place jewelry together or in a damp place.It is recommended to store it in a cool place and place it in a lined jewelry box or jewelry bag. Keep the space dry to maintain a beautiful luster The texture of sterling silver is soft, please be careful when wearing it, to avoid deformation caused by strong pulling, and avoid contact with rough or sharp objects, which will cause scratches on the surface.  The silver polishing cloth is the most suitable cleaning tool, but it cannot remove the scratches. If you want to repair the scratches, it is recommended to send it back for repair. [After-sales service]  Be sure to confirm the integrity of the product on-site when purchasing at the physical store. No refund or exchange will be accepted after the purchase is confirmed  Purchase at online stores. If there is any defect, you can return it to the brand's official website with a purchase certificate or valid receipt within 7 days of purchase (due to safety and health issues, earrings will not be returned)  If you need to return or exchange services, please keep the original tag packaging. The completeness of the product and proof of purchase, there is no refund for the sold products, and no offers and gifts are provided  Free lifetime cleaning and maintenance service with warranty card  If the product needs repair service, please email to make an appointment or call to inquire Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade 【brand introduction】 The guitarist plays beautiful melody with pick Designer scribes different stories with both hands A rock band keyboardist who collected more than 500 picks in 2003-Meggie Take guitar picks as inspiration and love for music as nutrients I believe that each pick has a different commemoration and portrays the story that belongs to them. Welcome to the fantasy world of rock cats PICKMEORDIE. 【Brand Concept】 The interpretation of creation comes from the fact that when life cannot bear and face adversity, it cannot be cut from life, pretending that nothing seems to happen, the hatred and pain of reality is inevitable, but it learns the tolerance and tolerance of love. Forgiveness, adversity has become the most beautiful accident in life. PICKMEORDIE represents the courage and strength of life. After adversity, we can understand our own narrowness and the width of the world. We offer humility, frankness and unreserved, no fear, no panic, no need to cover up, and combine the spirit of rock with art , Meditation through metal creation. Life is full of peril, and often the pressure is too much. We can't pretend as if nothing's happened. We learn to comfort and forgive. When facing pain, we exceed our limit. It's full of hate and pain, but it forms important virtues in life. Love and forgiveness. Peril is a life's great fortune. PICKMEORDIE represents casual humility while in life, going through peril without fear, to truly see one's world. Combining the spirit of Rock & Roll with creativity, the artist meditates through metal pieces.


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