Sheep felted into the fruit box Cat fart - black and white lynx cat

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【Size】 about 4 * 7cm 【Material】 Wool, cardboard boxes



Sheep felted into the fruit box Cat fart - black and white lynx cat


/ Product Description and Story /
Chubby little ass advanced version to Hello!
This time, ass got into a very tasting fruit box in Taiwan
Whether it is lying on the tummy, lying down, stand up, put on the wall
Puff into the fruit box is absolutely suitable for pressure relief objects on the work table Oh
Allow them to heal A miscellaneous mood when working ~

/ Size, size, size /
About 4 * 7cm
1. This work is one piece, butt can not come out from the cardboard box. Please be gentle, do not try to pull out ass Oh (will not go back)
2. Because each size of the fruit box is slightly different, but also fart are handmade products, each size, shape, color position can not be exactly the same, the recipient can purchase:)
3. Fruit box style is random with, can not specify the style. However, if there are special needs (such as a particular want a fruit box, customized animal ass and other services) Please write to ask, wool's will discuss with you as you like!

/ Material /
Wool, cardboard boxes
Carton and Bruce model studio co-production

/ Operate and maintain /
* Pilling the ball how to do?
Used for a long time, wool felt more or less will play the ball. Just scissors to the surface of the ball of wool can be cut off. Remember to be careful not to cut the item itself. If pricked or still very frizzy, you can sprinkle a little wet surface, and then use iron, tune into a "wool" or "low temperature" temperature, gently scalding will restore smooth! Also remember that the ironing time can not be too long, or the wool will be burnt Oh!

* Dirty how to do?
In fact, compared with the general cotton wool fabric items, be less likely to be dirty. But light-colored products is still more easily dirty Oh!
If it is really dirty, avoid the metal and leather parts, use cold water + neutral or wool special laundry detergent, then rinse gently. Kneading will leave wool felt shrinkage smaller.

/ Designer and brand profile /
Wool's wool felt children -
Have always liked the warmth of wool feel. At a certain opportunity to touch wool felt, immediately by its unique production methods to be deeply attracted, so all the way to start learning from scratch until 2012, formally established [wool's] wool felt children's brand.
Wool's means "something about wool," a very simple meaning that contains a great dream - all the possibilities of wool felt have been tried. The combination of different materials, changes in the package body, needle wet felt techniques and so on.
Like to travel, so many works are inspired by the travel experience. Nature, animals, etc. are all commonly used subject matter. Like to play color, so the works are mostly colorful, I hope the guests can have a clear mood when in use. Like the leather, cloth and wool and other materials added to the wool felt products, so that the wool felt not only warm, but also more texture.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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