Wedding coffee bag / custom packaging / three coffee beans optional

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The coffee bag, which is ground and packaged after ordering, allows guests to taste the most fragrant moments. Customized packaging, which can print the name of the new person and the date of the wedding. You can also choose the illustrations that represen


Wedding coffee bag / custom packaging / three coffee beans optional


Customized packaging, which can print the name of the new person and the date of the wedding. You can also choose a small illustration that represents the interest of newcomers. It is a lightweight and topical wedding gadget. The date of shipment begins with the date of the confirmation image file. After ordering and confirming the image file, it takes 4 working days to make. Please pay attention to ordering in advance to ensure that you can catch up with your wedding date! Simple illustration style, and can match the interest of newcomers, with a suitable small picture. When ordering, please select the accessories you wish to match with the link below. After receiving the order, we will create a schematic for the buyer to confirm. Remarks example: "Groom: 1. Coffee. Bride: 2. Book" If it does not match your accessories, We also provide custom parts drawings, each of which costs NTD 200 (up to 2 times) and can be purchased at the same link above. The text on the back of the coffee bag briefly introduces the hobby of newcomers. At the same time pass the thanks to the guests. A coffee bag that is ground and packaged after being ordered. On the back, the date of the batch of the custom-made coffee bag and the recommended period of the taste (effective date) will be marked, allowing the guests to taste the most fragrant moments. The coffee bag is made by Tzemdas Kaffa in Changhua City. Three coffee bean options are currently available: Yi BEND Heihe (Zhongshen Pei), El Salvador, and Yejia Xuefei. Please specify the coffee beans and quantity you want when ordering, for example: "Yi BLEND Heihe x 2 pack, El Salvador x 10 package" Personal unprofessional try to drink: - Yi Style BLEND Heihe (currently using bean content - Sunburn Kenya, washed Sidamo, washed Salvador, washed Guatemala, washed Colombia, the formula of the beans will be adjusted according to the green beans season): Pleasure Do not shave the bitter taste, add soy milk to make a latte, good to drink. - El Salvador: A bit more bitter than the Heihe River, suitable for single drink. I feel that it is not suitable for adding soy milk, and the coffee taste will become lighter. - Yeka Snowfield Washed Cochelle G1: The entrance has aroma of chocolate and nuts! And it’s not sour to drink~ If you do not specify coffee beans when ordering, we will ship them at random. Ps If we receive an order, we find that the number of stocked coffee beans is insufficient. We will contact you within 1 working day if you wish to make up your coffee with other origins or wish to cancel your order. Coffee bag size: 10 x 12.5 cm, the content of coffee powder net weight is at least 12 g / bag. (The store will grind the coffee beans on the day of shipment or the day before to ensure freshness) The number of options available on the ps product page is limited. If you need more, you can select the quantity 1 on the product page first. Then go to the "Shopping Cart Page" and manually enter the required quantity. If you have any custom related questions, please contact us by email.


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