Special cherished bun meal Japanese cotton linen increased version side open cotton cutlery bag glass straw bag

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This is a micro-blessing XD that makes the designer's heart drop blood. **Original price 480 yuan** Only this one, super special price, please read the product description in detail! !


Special cherished bun meal Japanese cotton linen increased version side open cotton cutlery bag glass straw bag


[product design features] Love the earth. Protect your health. Environmental awareness series. In the heart of the land we grew up, we love the earth with environmental protection. No longer use toxic hygienic chopsticks/wash-free chopsticks and straws that harm marine life, and put double-reusable cutlery and straws in the bag! **table cloth**:**Japanese cotton linen**clip hot thick cotton, a certain protective for the meal, can also accommodate glass straws (clothing or can not fall!) ※ This piece of fabric is very popular, it has been used, no longer remade! **Inner**:**Covered Knitted Fabric** The material is clean, and the light oil is cleaned with a toilet paper/handkerchief rubbed or cleaned with water. **Recommendation**: When you go to work or during class, you can fully store the tableware you need for brunch or lunch and dinner. Go out to eat, help the other half prepare a pair of environmentally friendly chopsticks, one person and one pair, more intimate. Of course, you can also house the family's environmental chopsticks or a variety of environmentally friendly straws. I hope that everyone can make every effort to be environmentally friendly and healthy. **Micro-description**: The inner lining is a film-coated elastic knitted fabric. The ultra-thin film is pulled by the elastic fabric too much, resulting in a broken strip. The elastic fabric itself is not damaged, but the thin layer is thin. The waterproof membrane is cracked, and it can't be seen without looking at it. It does not affect the use. The designer carefully designed this protective cotton bag and helped him make a cute spoon charm. I like it very much. I found this problem when I finished the inspection. I had to reluctantly release it to the friend who can accommodate it. ※**This product is sold only for the cutlery bag body**,**does not contain other tableware**! ※**There are any questions or special care details**,**Please ask beforehand**,**then make an order action**! **order to avoid ordering and waiving the single**,**causes unnecessary misunderstanding or trouble for both parties** [Material and Washing] **Japanese thick cotton**,**coated knit cloth** 1. Wipe the chopsticks with a wet wipe after daily meals, and dry the chopsticks with a cloth towel and put them in the cutlery bag. 2. If you feel the taste of the cutlery bag or get wet, wipe it with a wet wipe or spray it with a food grade baking soda solution. 3. If the tableware is cleaned before being placed, the tableware package can be washed every day. 4. If the table cloth is heavily soiled, wash it with a neutral lotion or house soap. 【size】 Flat quantity: the bag body is about 9cm wide and about 23.5cm long (error is about 1~2cm) **The measured tableware or brush can be placed under 20 or 21 cm.** [Flower rabbit hand made the original intention and small 叮咛] 1.**flower rabbit hand made**is in honor of the designer's rabbit angel and create a pure hand-made brand,**love delivery**are hand-made rabbit flower began selling hand works in mind. 2.**current sales income is used in the rabbits to feed and rescue the waves of the**.**wish to make the world a better place with the power of small bean sprouts** 3.**Hand-knitted and stitched**, there may be some imperfections,**best area to be taken when the fabric is cut**,**drawing will be different**. 4.**Everyone's screen settings are different**, so the actual product and the screen display,**may have a slight color difference**. 5. handmade,**for color and workmanship requirements perfectionist**,**please think twice before buying**. 6.**order to protect the package, it will not be stressed for a long time due to the weekly break**,**not send the parcel package on Friday**. 7.**Saturday Day for Family Day and Material Purchase Processing**,**Do not ship**(except for special orders),**Free to return message**. 8.**Not full-time non-exempt orders**, if there is a specified time limit arrival date, please confirm the order before the order, do not place the order directly, can not be assigned a reasonable meeting. 9.**Non-24 hours online**, please contact us if you have any questions, wait patiently, and you will reply and process it in the first time!


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