Customized cartoon style wedding illustrations | cartoon fingerprint trees | wedding gifts | electronic files

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Cartoon version of wedding illustration drawing Whether it ’s a newcomer who wants to make small things around him or give it to a newcomer Are very good choices! !!



Customized cartoon style wedding illustrations | cartoon fingerprint trees | wedding gifts | electronic files


**The next day's illustration announcement is very important.** very sorry! !! Dear friends who like illustrations the next day Recent orders are large, and custom drawing takes a lot of time Screen communication, adjustment of drafts after communication, and confirmation of coloring To provide better illustration quality Remember to ask the designer if you can accept the case before placing the order So that the designer can arrange the delivery date Whether it can catch up with the day you want to give gifts or use :) :::::::::::::::::::::::: For customized products, please contact the designer first if it is too late to draw. Please use "Contact Designer". ::::::::::::**Product Information**::::::::::::: Can be used to print stickers, cards, output as frameless illustrations, mobile wallpaper, etc. This product is a digital file, no printed file is provided There are different fees according to the number of people and the number of pets, please select the product specifications +1 for pets, trees, wreaths, cars, floral patterns, etc. Example: If you want to add two dogs with a light bulb background, please place an order +3 pets Example: I don't want to add a background to the picture, but I have a cat and a dog, please place an order + 2 pets **Give feedback to customers** After completing the evaluation, you can get a hundred yuan discount code, which can be used to purchase framed photo frames and illustrations. ↡↡↡ The photo frame contains the output plus purchase price↡↡↡ **Desktop Photo Frame** ↓↓↓ In addition, the order and output are added with a frame, which saves time and effort in one package! ↓↓↓ ↡↡↡ *. . . *. . . *. . . *. . . *. . . * **Wall-mounted square photo frame** ↓↓↓ In addition, the order and output are added with a frame, which saves time and effort in one package! ↓↓↓ ↡↡↡ :::::::::::::**Product Specifications**::::::::::::: [Electronic file size 300dpi Jpg / PNG file] Single picture: 20cmx25cm (one each for white background & colored background) Phone wallpaper: 1920 x 1080 pixel :::::::::::::: Working days & drawing rules :::::::::::: Something to say the next day: Similar to the illustration of the face painting, as the name implies, is similar to the face illustration, because it is not the same as the photo The next day will draw what you see in your eyes on paper There is no way to be 100% similar, but there can be a certain 80-90% charm Please respect the profession of illustration the next day. There is no way to fine-tune it infinitely. But the next day must be 100% careless in every work 1. After providing photos to the designer, it is expected to provide sketches within 7-12 days after communication 2. The sketch can be**2 times**fine-tuned, and the cost will be increased after the third fine-tuning 3. Color the sketch without any problems 4. Cannot adjust draft after coloring, only**change color system** 5. Provide illustration files in about 8-14 days (determine the number of working days according to the number of orders. If the order is not large, you can deliver the illustration files to your mailbox early.) :::::::::::::**How to place an order**::::::::::::: 1. Pass 1-3 clear photos, as well as face details, to my line: @yichuichen (If a clear photo is available, that one will work too) 2. Customized details, such as what text you want to put on the illustration, name / date / quotation (no more than 10 words), etc. 3. Different photos can also be collaged into one painting. 4. Drafting illustrations will provide drafts. The drafts can be revised twice. After confirmation, coloring is provided. Up to two revisions are provided. :::::::::::::**Intimate reminder**:::::::::::: -The product is a digital file, no printed file is provided. -To ensure high quality, if you are in a hurry, we do not accept rush orders. -Digital archives are provided for personal use only and are not accepted for commercial use. -Illustration design is designed by (Yi Qiu Chen / Joyce), has the copyright of the trademark, and can be used as a marketing tool -(Yi Qiu Chen / Joyce) Designers have the right to publish illustrations on social software (eg facebook, pinkoi, instagram..etc) If you do not like the designer to publish illustrations, you can notify the designer in advance. More illustrations on instagram @qiudayday Click here for realistic style illustrations 商品 This product does not contain copyright and copyright. Do not use the work for commercial purposes such as advertising and cultural propaganda. :::::::::::::**萩 日 粉 专**::::::::::: Welcome to follow and like! There are some lucky draws from time to time! More illustrations on instagram @qiudayday Facebook Next Day Illustration Fan Group Next day illustration


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