Nobelson Christmas Wreath Dry Wreath / Christmas / Exchange Gifts / Candlestick / Decoration / Gifts

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Nobelson Christmas Fruit Wreath With the Nobesson as the base and the natural color of the fruit and dry flowers, it becomes a decorative gift for the scene, giving a heart to the cold season.


Nobelson Christmas Wreath Dry Wreath / Christmas / Exchange Gifts / Candlestick / Decoration / Gifts


Christmas Dried Fruit Wreath - Hand tied wreath - It is based on natural ingredients and dried flowers, based on Nobelson. Become a decorative gift for the scene, Nobelson's charming rosin, Smell the room full of Christmas happiness. -About the goods - Ingredients - Nobesson, rattan, hemp rope, dried fruits, branches, cotton, hazelnuts, mountain wind, dry flowers, etc. Imported fresh Nobamone is used, and after drying, it will gradually turn into silvery white, which has a unique flavor. It is made from dried flowers of the current season. If the flowers are out of stock, the most suitable flower materials will be used instead of hand-made. It is impossible to make each wreath exactly the same as the photo. The hemp rope loop has been tied up and can be hung directly. It can also be decorated as a candlestick. size- Approximately 35 cm in diameter -storage method- Dry flowers do not need to be watered, placed in a ventilated place to avoid moisture and direct sunlight The studio provides marking stickers, which are applied to the goods or cards by themselves (limited to English capitalization and numbers, free of charge within 30 letters). If necessary, please note the words you want when placing your order. We will carefully package the protected goods, Can be used for home delivery or super-goods. You can place an order first to specify the shipping date. We will keep the goods for you. -About delivery - "Home delivery", does not include production time is about 1 day, will send a notice after shipment "Super-commercial pick-up" does not include production time of about 2~3 days. After shipment, it will send a notice. You need to pick up the item by yourself, and then you can pay attention to the pick-up time. You can use the tracking number to check whether it is Goods, please pick up the pieces on the same day after arrival. This product is a custom order product, we will ship it for you from 0~10 days after the payment is completed. If there is a desired arrival date, please specify it when placing the order. In case of inconvenient receipt of the 6th day, continuous holiday, etc., please also note when ordering, it is convenient for you to avoid. If you need an urgent order, please come to us to discuss with us, can you complete the order before the date, thank you for your cooperation.


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