2018 - Good thing peanut peanut people power cool hook group

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This is a super special building block hook that can be installed on all specifications of the light switch device, not


2018 - Good thing peanut peanut people power cool hook group


/ Peanuts are good, the two rounds are full and full, and a bite of peanuts is a good thing!/ There are peanuts called "longevity fruit". It contains up to 26% protein, which is equivalent to twice as much as wheat, and is easily absorbed by the body; unsaturated fatty acids account for more than 80%. Regular consumption, can play a role in anti-cancer, can make people eat longer and longer life, luck 100, good peanuts every day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpx3ut--qDw /The only hook that does not need to be fixed to the wall / I still remember that I stuck the hook on the wall, nailed the key holder, and finally got it full of residual glue and potholes! Afterwards, it was always time-consuming and laborious. What’s worse, the hook was not interesting. ! / In order to solve the problem and make the hooks fun, we are determined to design such hooks / ✓ Really leave no traces, but also flexible to disassemble ✓Show your personal style, it’s best to be fun / Size, size, size, weight / !!! This product can install all types of switch and socket devices in Taiwan. After installation, it can form a mobile building block hook frame that can be arbitrarily disassembled without leaving any traces. Please feel free to purchase!!! Appearance size: length 80mmX width 40mmX height 53mm Weight: about 55 grams (The actual specifications are based on real products) Each group contains Qubefun building block platform + peanuts doll + gadgets + building blocks hook 3 + colorful lanyard 2! / Material / ABS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxBIQblE9DQ / how to install/ 1: The length of the colorful rope should be cut according to the suspension requirements. The two segments must be the same length. 2: Pass the two colorful ropes through the front round hole and put a firm knot on the end of the rope. 3: Remove the switch cover and enter the colorful rope from the cover hole and hang it into the cassette. 4. Cover the cover with the switch hook and return it to the switch button to complete the installation. ★ After the installation is complete, change the position later, just repeat steps 3-4, where to go, where to play / Designer and brand profile / Qubefun® continues to design "utility and fun" everyday items, and is relished with a unique style, focusing on the care of life, solving problems, bringing a simple and humorous atmosphere to life. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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