Goody Bag-Pack all your good luck, select 3 take 15% off for Christmas

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Goody Bag-Pack all your good luck, select 3 take 15% off for Christmas


Goody Bag-Pack all your good luck, select 3 take 15% off for Christmas


Free gift wrapping during Christmas! Place orders on weekdays and ship within 24 hours; place orders on six days and ship on Monday. Egyptian lucky cat / Diffuser Stone Pink Love God Cat / Diffuser Stone Red Dharma / Figurine Cement Dharma / Diffuser Stone Cement Dharma with Round eyes / Diffuser Stone **/cement/** The composition of cement is very simple. There are water and sand, and mixing and stirring will naturally generate many air cells of different sizes in the process; in the process of sand and stone mixing, it will also cause uneven color. The works are hand-ground, and each craftsman feels different. There will naturally be a slight elevation difference. Diffuser itself does not have any scent, and the aroma needs to be added. The persistence and diffusion of the aroma are directly related to the essential oils and perfume products you add. ____________________ Can be used as fragrant stone, paperweight, and fortune decoration ** Origin Taiwan / handmade ** ____________________ ** [About Diffuser] ** With the pore characteristics of cement, it absorbs essential oils and diffuses aroma; Use your favorite essential oil and drop 3-5 drops on the work, the fragrance will slowly emit, soothing your tired heart. ** 【Diffuser Principle】 ** Cement has many pores, which absorb moisture through the pores on the surface, and adjust the internal and external humidity to achieve the effect of expanding fragrance. When the humidity in the diffuser is higher than the air, moisture will be discharged and the fragrance will spread out! When the humidity is lower than the air, it will absorb water vapor from the air, making the diffuser effect less obvious; at this time, spraying water on the surface can enhance the diffuser function! ** 【Use Tinker Bell】 ** 1. The use of essential oils may leave marks, which is normal; if you avoid traces, you can drop the essential oil on the inconspicuous back. 2. The volatile effect of essential oils and A. The essential oils you use: pure essential oils, fragrance essential oils, perfumes, the purity of which is related to the volatility (Perfume is highly volatile, and the taste fades quickly; pure essential oils have no diffusivity, and the aroma is less obvious; the best effect is when using liquid fragrance essential oils) B. The current environment is related: the environment is humid, dry, open spaces and confined spaces all have an impact. 3. The size of the diffused stone will affect the diffusion range. 4. We will have olfactory fatigue, so we can enjoy aromatherapy effect without overdose. 5. If you want to change the aroma of the essential oil, you can soak the diffuser in clean water for 2-3 hours. After the pores are washed and the diffuser is dried in the sun, you can change the fragrance. Free gift wrapping (pictured), if you need, please note directly in the order **【Precautions】** * Not including all shooting props (plants, soil, pens, glasses, etc.) * The special feature of the cement material is that it has natural mottles, pores and cracks; if you do not agree, please think twice before placing an order. * If you encounter serious defects or damage during transportation, please keep the complete package and replace the same product within 7 days. __ Cement will definitely generate bubbles. The perfectionists ask you not to buy any cement products to avoid subsequent disputes. __


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