Paris Green Tea Lychee Striped Leather Leaf Backpack Yellow Green / Grass Green Only one

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Paris Green Tea Lychee Striped Leather Leaf Backpack Yellow Green / Grass Green Only one


When I walk in your city, Imagine that it was a trip that did not go back, I will be more and more light, You do not understand what I installed, That's my mystery and elegance. This package is a new version of Nana, By the combination of four pieces of leather like the shape of the leaves, Package type is very flexible, very three-dimensional, Installed a little something looks like a flat bag, After installing a lot of things, Will hold up the three-dimensional space, Looking from the front when the size of the bag feel the same, From the side when there is a circular arc, So there will be no general bag filled with bulging after the appearance of the shape. Please refer to the pictures of strawberry in Paris. Especially suitable for carrying more stereoscopic things, Such as nuts, ballet, small ball ... This kind of one into the general bag to lead to the body deformation of the items. You can see the bottom is a diamond-shaped space, Front and side of the junction is a different curvature of the curve, So the appearance of the bag appears arc shape, To the position near the strap is gradually fit, Cleverly modified package type, Creating a light and neat vision. Mineral water, sunscreen, mosquito liquid, Long clip, folding umbrella, 10x10x10cm nut cans, 5S mobile phone, tissue paper. The following figure is the bag in the loading of the above items, From all angles to look like. As if forgot to bring the key. Such a package in the design of the line is not as easy to predict, Have to actually cut out the leaves to suture to know the finished product looks, Experienced several attempts to find the most appropriate curve. I heard that the most source of the designer is the Japanese patchwork teacher, But the shape of the pieces is symmetrical papaya type, Do a larger volume larger round, Pocket is also greatly unable to naturally stick together. In fact, Nana tried to improve has been many times, From the previous year's "flower gesture" began, This time is like a sudden understanding of the principle of it, Finally cut out the satisfaction of the appearance. Can be very magically folded into four leaves stacked together look like. The side of the bag will be sewn on two different colors of the pocket, It is convenient for you to identify where things are placed. But the pocket is made using the remaining scrap, So it can not specify the color! And then will be car into this kind of primary school students uniform pocket look, In the mature and elegant package type to add a little childlike. Making such a package need to feel soft leather, This piece of leather is very cute green, It's a pity that the factory is only one. Made a proof bag and "Mori breathe" small backpack after only one of the material. In fact, sometimes the green is a good ride, As long as the color of the body is not too much, Back on the green bag will give people a bright feeling. In order to make the color inside and outside the bag with a sense of hierarchy, I put a pale green pig skin on the back of the mention. Put a fixed way to study the two days, Because the actual test of the effect of leather, Can not rely on imagination or simulation to decide, Sacrifice a proofing bag to do the experiment, At least try four or five way to finalize. However, the natural leather must have the so-called flaws, Otherwise it is not natural. Completely no scars of leather goods are often too heavy paint, I hope you will like those signs of vitality. Cowhide Taiwan Hardware Width of 33cm Height deduction of the strap part of about 33cm The strap part is about 57cm The overall height is about 57cm Origin / manufacturing method Nana independent hand


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