Brut Cake Handmade pottery - smiling containers series - Hand _ in personal plate (6) for the disc when eating, and general personal dish dish

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Brut Cake

Brut Cake Handmade pottery - smiling containers series - Hand _ in personal plate (6) for the disc when eating, and general personal dish dish


Ideal life containers, is in daily use Meiyoufudan, even not feel nervous when washing utensils. Brut Cake smile containers series, is the brand founder and designer Deng Naixuan (Nicole Teng) repeatedly to manually pull the embryo production, appropriate thickness. Market-based dish, generous and powerful, the disc tray feeding suitable as personal, small-cap can be used when a small vegetable dish or dessert disk. Smiling family ownership Brut Cake consistent design style, every little repair billet marks seemingly perfect formation, emerged clay rustic appearance and feel, and deliberately unglazed bottom of the foot, is to allow the use of who can touch the nature of the soil, close to the earth, gently stroked, will be able to deeply understand. Brut Cake glaze ware most concerned about food safety. This series of vessels taken "underglaze" process, first patterning after the body covered with a white glaze, blue and white pigment and glaze allow full integration, then to 1240 degree high temperature combustion, and therefore there is no food safety concerns. Such engineering methods, but also to exhibit a pattern, such as ink painting-like hierarchical blooming traces. Glaze vessels outside the body, there are three choices: warm white with freckles, calm and elegant navy blue, warm and fresh green lake. Not as beautiful, accommodating overlap when the richness, can give the user a pleasant mood. This series of hand-painted on the vessel is Nicole's creation, with simple strokes to draw contour, and features curved shallow smile, each face can be given a unique character, between the user and generate Wei Miao links. Smiley face on the vessel, like to give you a warm and satisfying response. Our pottery design, in addition to convey simple shot for temperature, but also want to receive and use these vessels, people can feel the good life we communicate mind. [Specification] Size: disk diameter of about 21 cm Color: disk - beige, rim - Green Lake [Description] Mining disk crystalline glaze firing, the surface will be slightly rough simple texture. The inside of the rim presented burnt yellow circle of light, when the glaze kiln gas to evaporate naturally, secure, ease of use. This pattern is a series of containers on Nicole's creation, first painted with a brush and then made a smiley face stamp, and then stained with glaze stamped, this technique will produce a pattern, such as ink-like rendering. (Each color computer screen displays are different from the actual color-based) Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai / handmade mold


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