Terrorist poke music _ wooden box hardcover (parental joy version) combination / children's party / camping / gift / birthday

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Terrorist poke music _ wooden box hardcover (parental joy version) combination / children's party / camping / gift / birthday


**Joy continues to come~ The most special gift, whether it is: parent-child party, birthday madness, camping 趴, wooden box hardcover can satisfy all the friends who want to be happy!!** Friends who want to cherish ~ don't miss it. **Product out of the box introduction video** https://youtu.be/iwY7uv7aMFI https://youtu.be/SaGtpCDSI1M https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4228/35062785035_988d1bb1ee_z.jpg product description: 35-hole box + Unbelievable horror fun small task + diverse creative stamp paper = Reusable DIY fun horror stamping game! feature of product: ★ 35-hole stamping, you can change the task content and stamp the paper pattern. ★ Contains (parental joy + birthday party) two sets of task cards and themed stamped paper version. ★ A total of 72 tasks are free to choose, and there are 24 blank task cards, which can be filled freely. ★ Different occasions, different theme parties, choose the right task, enjoy the fun of DIY. ★ The whole family, friends and relatives will have fun together and arouse the hearts of the grown-ups. ★ Friends gathering, parent-child interaction, birthday party, the best fun game. ★ Reusable, task card, stamped paper can be used to add a single purchase. ★ Wooden box hardcover limited edition, Taiwan wood production, random shipment, subject to the real thing. ★ Each theme task card can also be used as a bookmark collection. game instructions: This is a brave and trustworthy task game. As long as you participate in this game, you must abide by the rules of the game. Poke that each task must be completed by yourself. You cannot borrow someone else's hand. After completing the task, the next one can start to poke. The game continues. ... This game has a total of 35 grids (holes), you can randomly place your own selected tasks, or you can fill in the tasks yourself. Topic task description: [Family Happy Edition] Have you seen a game that allows children to stay away from 3C and be surprised and happy, crying and laughing?! This is a game that will make the whole family happy and enhance parent-child interaction. Mission features: ★ Terror, stimulation, training children's courage, trustworthiness, responsible game. ★ It is suitable for the whole family to have fun together, to enhance parent-child interaction and leave the best memories. Game mode: This game requires the cooperation of the parents and the whole family and abides by the promise. 1. Need to have an adult to be the master, the children line up to poke. 2. When it's your turn, please say aloud: "It's my turn." 3. Select a grid, poke it hard, and read the contents aloud. 4. Be brave to perform the tasks you have taken, not to fake others. 5. After the previous player completes the mission, the game can continue. [Birthday Party Edition] For your birthday party, more nervous, exciting, more fun! When you want to celebrate the life of your relatives and friends, in addition to blowing the candle, I hope to get more interactive and joyful time, the birthday party version of the terror poke, can definitely help you to get more joy and good memories. Mission features: ★ The whole family, friends and relatives will have fun together and arouse the hearts of the grown-ups. ★ Parent-child birthday celebration, classmates celebrate life, the best entertainment game. Game mode: 1. There is no Guanzhong, everyone rounds the round. 2. Shouxing has a second death-free gold medal at the beginning, and the horror task that is poked can be used to pass. (You can play after you have finished the candle and wish you well) **Product specifications** ◆Applicable age: It is suitable for the whole family, friends and relatives to have fun together, leaving interesting and beautiful memories. ◆Contents: limited edition wooden box, two sets of different theme task paper cards, two 4 different theme stamp papers, a set of 12 blank task cards (plus a strange pen). ◆Size: 400mm290mm (H) 70mm ◆Weight: about 2kg ***Reminder:** 1. The game card redemption voucher in the game is only a part of the game task. It is only applicable to the terror poke music game series, and it is invalid if it is directly converted to the store. 2. This game only provides entertainment, any game task instructions, players can not harm others, please consider the game execution method. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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