Handmade custom solid wood couple mobile phone shell, personalized gifts. Couple mobile phone shell, palm connected

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Solid wood couple mobile phone case, specially designed for couples to create exclusive mobile phone case, 2 sold together.



Handmade custom solid wood couple mobile phone shell, personalized gifts. Couple mobile phone shell, palm connected


The couple's mobile phone case is a mobile phone case that we specially made for couples, and the two are sold together (the price is 2 together). **item description** The couple's mobile phone case is made of our new generation of solid wood mobile phone case. The combination of natural solid wood and PC case solves the problem that our previous generation of pure wood mobile phone case is thick, the button is inconvenient to use, and it is not resistant to falling. The upper pure wood shell is made of 100% natural pure wood. The texture is even and hard, the texture and color are clearly visible, natural and simple, and very textured. The lower PC shell is made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials. After polishing and sanding, it feels extremely delicate. This combination makes the phone case easier to install and use, and provides better protection for the phone. Applicable mobile phone model: 1) iPhone: Applicable to all iPhone models (except iPhone5c) 2) Samsung Samsung: Most Samsung mobile phone models can be made, please consult before buying. 3) Other brands of mobile phones such as Xiaomi, Huawei, VIVO and other models can be made. Please consult before purchasing. Wood shell material: 4 kinds of wood to choose from: walnut, cherry, mahogany, bamboo (the last picture of the product is 4 kinds of wooden pictures) 1) iPhone model: 4 kinds of wood can be selected 2)Samsung model: only walnut or bamboo can be selected 3) Other brands of mobile phones: please consult before buying. You can pick different phone models and wood for each phone case. When placing an order, you can choose the phone model and wood you want at the "Please select product specifications" button below the price (you can only choose one of the phone models and wood). And in the order to note the specific phone model and wood you want for each phone case, we will make according to your notes. **Exclusive custom** Exclusive customer service is our most important service. You can buy our ready-made wooden phone case style. At the same time, we can customize according to your requirements: you can add your and her/her name to our original style, or engrave what you want to say to her/he, or you can customize the pattern you like. We will personally make a pair of your own mobile phone case for you. Custom program: 1) Send us the pattern or design you want, telling you the model and wooden type you want. 2) We will make a confirmation picture according to your requirements. 3) After confirming the effect chart, we will arrange the production as soon as possible after confirming the order and payment. Customize one such mobile phone case for you/he, what do you think of this gift? Give her/he a surprise to you soon--- **Production time** 1) It takes 2-3 days to make the wooden phone case, and the production will be arranged after the order and payment are confirmed. 2) Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, we send SF Express, 1-3 days to arrive. 3) Singapore, Thailand, Japan and other countries, we use postal registration parcels, generally 15-20 days to arrive. If yours is urgent, please contact us, we can send DHL, but to make up the shipping price difference. 4) After the courier is sent, I will inform the courier tracking number in time so that you can check the courier status. **Tips** Different trees or different parts of trees, wood texture and color are often different, which is one of the characteristics of the original mobile phone shell. At the same time, since the photo light and the brightness of the computer display are not the same, the actual color may not be the same as the picture. Therefore, our mobile phone shell image is for reference only.