Flower Box![Autumn-Autum] Flower Box Dry Flower Ring Box Valentine's Day Marriage Ornament Flower

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Flower Box!【秋-Autum】The Lord God Box


Flower Box![Autumn-Autum] Flower Box Dry Flower Ring Box Valentine's Day Marriage Ornament Flower


TFC is inspired by Greek mythology The story of 12 main gods in Greek mythology To tell the mystery of the universe and the origin of nature These romantic poems are full of connections between human nature and nature. The main god of the autumn series is the goddess of wisdom Athena, Luna Artemis, the guardian god Hestia Autumn is the season when nature's climate and color change are obvious. Feeling becomes emotional The main gods are full of their own characteristics. But there are many similarities Representing pure and restrained beauty -about the Lord God Athena/Minerva Athena / Minerva Goddess of wisdom Flower language: wisdom / intellectual / elegant wisdom/elegant/intellectual Color: red / white / brown red / white / brown Corresponding constellation: Virgo Hestia/Vesta Hestia / Vista Guardian god Flower language: simple / dedication / friendly friendly / warm / commit Color: purple / white / powder purple / white / pink Corresponding constellation: Capricorn Artemis/Diana Artemis / Diana Luna, the goddess of hunting Flower language: nature / innocence / free innocent / natural / angelic Color: white / pink / orange white / pink / ornage Corresponding constellation: Scorpio -about size (products are hand made and measured, some minor errors are acceptable range.) Length: about 10cm Width: about 10cm Height: about 5.5cm -about products The appearance of the commercial is acrylic The dried flower material in the box can be kept for about 3-6 months. Avoid moisture or direct sunlight If the package material encounters a shortage, it will use the most suitable combination to design. - Precautions *Flowers and dry flowers are all natural species. It is inevitable that there will be wrinkles or small spots. We will try our best to eliminate them when making them, but we can't guarantee 100% perfection. If you care about not buying them. *Photographs are taken in real time. Because they are handmade and the shapes, sizes and postures of the flowers are different, they are not exactly the same as the photos of the products, but they are guaranteed to give you the same style and atmosphere as the photos. * In case of dry stock out of stock, there will be slight changes in the mix, but the overall color feel is the main. * Accessories, such as wrapping paper, flowerware, ribbons, etc., will be replaced by similar containers or accessories when out of stock. * It is normal for the risk of shipping on the delivery of floral goods and the dropping of some flowers. *If you are seriously damaged after receiving the gift, please contact the photo and text within 24hr. TFC will handle it according to the situation and will not accept it after the time. *This item is only available for shipping on the island of Taiwan.


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