To a flower cake ~ colorful purple hand hook lambs cashmere cotton yarn yarn package

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To a flower cake ~ colorful purple hand hook lambs cashmere cotton yarn yarn package


Especially the selection of cool feeling pink color lamb cashmere cotton summer yarn With delicious Korean candy and pie for creative creation Pure hand a needle and a hook of flowers In line with the small package also selected the United States and the United States lace zipper, hand-carefully stitching **Each small flower bunny rabbit has a heavy zipper test smoothness and suture stability** A few years ago, flowers and hats useful cotton gourd hook a few pie package, loved by friends and friends And later can not find the favorite wire and temporarily for a long time Re-shelves of the flower cake selection of a better texture of the lamb cashmere summer yarn, the color is more beautiful Size and bottom width is also slightly enlarged some, so that capacity is also greater! Can be placed daily use of banknotes change, to the downstairs alley to buy things Readily carry or hang on the wrist can go out **There is a guest asked you can not let go card** **Flower rabbit measured is possible ~ because the hook bag is a slight elasticity, put in the zipper is pulled on the pull!** This small flower bag from the style weaving design, material testing to the hook system to complete Are painted rabbit side of the hook side of the painting, while cutting edge modification, pure hand hook tied suture, spent a lot of effort and time Is a flower rabbit like a purse, I hope everyone will like ~ 【Size】 Flat diameter (excluding rope) about 10cm → bottom width of 2 ~ 3cm ˙ rope about 9cm (error within 1cm) **【May need to enlarge or reduce the size of custom, the price of another, please ask the message】 【** 【Material & Washing】 Lamb cashmere summer yarn, lace zipper, wrapping leather Please use a neutral lotion to clean the local dirty way to clean, serious dirt and then bubble bag into the cold wash or neutral lotion aqueous solution, to squeeze the way clean, into the water to squeeze Way to clean the bubble, do not rub, put the towel inside the water will be pressed out, dry [Flower rabbit hand ˙ love the original intention and small exhort] Manual needle stitching, may be some imperfections Everyone's screen setting is different, so the product is displayed on the screen, and there may be a slight difference in color depth Pure handmade, for color and work and other requirements perfectionist, please think twice before buying Hand works and love pass is the flower rabbit hand to start selling the first work of the original intention, is willing to let the strength of small bean seedlings to make the world a better ~ Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan → flower rabbit hand


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