[ZAZAZOO] small green pet student clothes - girls skirt

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Little Green is one of the most classic styles on Taiwan's campus uniforms. The material is wear-resistant, solid, a



[ZAZAZOO] small green pet student clothes - girls skirt


ZAZAZOO learns the green and green student uniform elements, and turns the cute girl in college into a girl in the school. She goes out for a walk and goes to school. She has a high return rate. This student clothes can also embroider your name, student number, school name and other information on your own, so that your child becomes your schoolgirl. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4650/25310332327_194a94e0ee_b.jpg 【feature of product】 1. Comfortable and cool: hollow design, comfortable and cool to wear, it won't cause pet discomfort due to stuffiness 2. Durable and Durable: Strict selection of khaki student uniform fabrics, the material is not easy to fade, washable and wear-resistant, and will not cause hair loss due to friction 3. Sex-based customization: Be able to embroider your name/student number/school name, etc. on your pet student, and let him become your student/student sister. 【product content】 Pet student uniform x 1 【Instructions for use】 This product is fixed with Velcro. [size comparison table] https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4671/26306709218_96dd777352_b.jpg [size suggestion form] https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4769/25309712387_7896707100_b.jpg 【Material Description】 Cotton cloth [cleaning method] To facilitate the owner's cleaning, carefully select fabrics made in Taiwan. You can use a brush to dip the detergent and wash it. After cleaning, dry it in a ventilated place. 【Precautions】 1. Size selection questions welcome private news, service by Xiao Bian [ZAZAZOO Internet Purchase Return Policy] Can accept orders and then thank you. (1) In addition to the new product, we will forgive you if we will not accept or return the product after unpacking. Can accept to order and buy again Thank you! (2) The returned goods (including the product itself, the box and all accessories, and the outer box packaging) must be complete; if the return of the goods themselves or parts, boxes and other incomplete, will not accept return. (3) Gifts donated with the goods will not be accepted if they are not returned. (4) New products are only accepted once for return service. If you want to return for the second time, please bear the return shipping cost yourself. If there are gifts, they must be returned together with the goods (including the day of purchase on the 7th day). The excess time will not be accepted. (5) If there are too many returns due to personal factors, ZAZAZOO will suspend or terminate all or part of your shopping and service qualifications in accordance with the terms of service, please forgive me. (6) If you fail to pick up the goods at the designated place for any reason, the goods will be returned after the pickup time expires. In order to allow you to receive the goods as soon as possible, please re-order and pay the postage of the last delivery, we will confirm after , The goods will be delivered to your designated location as soon as possible. [Origin/manufacturing method] Made in Taiwan / handmade


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