**Two 80% off shops**Dry flower essential oil candles

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Glass jar size: 6.5x6.5x9.5 cm Candle capacity: about 200ml


**Two 80% off shops**Dry flower essential oil candles


**Special events in July** **10% off single piece of dry flower candle, 20% off** *International aromatherapist hand-made fragrance * Imported classic Mason jar *Please leave a message to inform you that you need to choose cotton core (easy to ignite) or wood chip core (increasing the atmosphere, the candle is smaller) #1 Grapefruit and warm ginger essential oil aroma Imported soy wax mixed with natural jojoba oil balls, dotted with dry pink pepper, and with a wood wick, there will be some slight noise when burning, that is, to make the whole winter full of warm and happy atmosphere ☃️ 🎄🎄🌲 #2 Cedar and rosemary essential oil aroma - the first choice for purification! ! Quiet blue-gray imported soy wax mixed with natural jojoba oil balls, listening to romantic music, soaking a hot bath, and then relaxing on a relaxing cedar rosemary candle, is the best purification treatment ️ #3 Cappuccino-Aroma of Frankincense and Bitter Orange Leaf Oil Somalia frankincense and bitter orange leaf oil, dotted with Arabica coffee beans, and then with wood chip wick, when the burning sounds a little creaking, intertwined with warm and lush cappuccino aroma, suitable for afternoon tea time It is more suitable for creating stability and giving new inspiration when creating! -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Do you know what essential oils, aromatherapy? In fact, one of the best ways to experience aromatherapy is the candle. In order to let more people feel the beauty of the fragrance, a little moody designs a series of candle works. You can feel that the difference with other candles is that not only the atmosphere changes, but the mood will be different. - Glass bottle size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 9.5 cm - Capacity: about 200ml - Add natural organic essential oils and natural soy wax - Try to avoid dry flowers when lighting. There may be some traces or bubbles on the surface of the hand-made candle. Please consider it. The secret of taking care of candles Tip 1. The wood chip wick needs a little patience to ignite at first, until it is more stable after contact with the wax liquid! Tip 2. The wax that burns to the surface every time it is ignited is completely melted and becomes transparent (about 2 hours). Occasionally, shaking the candle cup keeps the candle intact. Tip 3. When the surface wax is completely melted, the candle fire can be temporarily extinguished, so that the melted wax liquid naturally emits aroma! Tip 4. Natural plant essential oils are not as long-lasting as chemical fragrances, so please cover them when not in use to keep the aroma for a long time! Then enjoy a little moody_ the world of aroma healing for you!


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