Tao Zuofang │ Huai's section Wangfu Memorial Pot (single pot wooden box)

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"Wangfu" is a blessing for prosperity. The creation incorporates the intimate posture of the "dogs to bless" and the custom-made plastic pot. The daily use of tea soup and moisturizing pots is like raising a dog, welcoming the new year&



Tao Zuofang │ Huai's section Wangfu Memorial Pot (single pot wooden box)


Creative concept: Wang, the homophonic dog "Wang Wang" speaks and has the meaning of making things prosperous and prosperous. "Wangfu" is a blessing for prosperity. The creation incorporates the intimate posture of the "dog-blessing" and the custom-made plastic pot. The details are ingeniously paved with the meaning of Xiangrui. The daily use of tea soup moisturizing pots, like raising a dog, ushered in the new year of vitality, praying for blessing. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4513/24205760788_4896f1f8cd_b.jpg product features: 1. Jin Ying Treasure: The Quartet uses gold water to draw the gold cover button, echoing the five elements of the Wuxu dog year. The inside of the cover embossed the Song of the Song Emperor Huizong's thin gold body, the emperor's honor, meaning the wealth of the blessings, also symbolizes the golden water, and introduces gold and silver treasures. 2. Flourishing Futai: The body of the pot is integrated into the dog, the state is sturdy, the contour is round and full, and the capacity is small. It is suitable for home and tea, and it carries rich and rich. 3. Longevity Jiuru: The pot will pick up the "dog" character code, and the word "dog" is near the word "nine", wishing longevity. 4. Consummation and well-being: Use the pot with ingenuity to make the pot elegant and stable, drink a password and feel the perfect tea, and pray for life to be healthy. 5. Introduce tea with a device, and make a good tea with the device: the original color of the old rock mud shows the kiln becomes interesting, and the thick tea is brewed in the dense pores, suitable for heavy baking tea and whole fermented tea. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4457/24205747608_60923b9ef2_b.jpg Huaiyu material: Behind the work of a kiln kiln is a tribute to the gentle and elegant Song Dynasty, and look at the surface changes. Under the high magnification magnifying glass, the bubble layers are stacked. The crack of azure, its imperfections are so perfect, the azure is moist, and the glaze is opened. The porcelain enamel has a fast heat dissipation and is suitable for the non-fermented tea and light fermented tea with light and fragrant tea. Such as: Longjing, green tea, tea and tea, and Taiwan's fragrant oolong tea. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4487/38004694156_f76d62381f_b.jpg Cleaning and maintenance methods: 1. Before using the new product, it is recommended to wash it thoroughly with boiling hot water. 2. After use, there are often normal phenomena such as the adhesion of tea stains, which can be soaked and decontaminated by water, and placed in a well-ventilated and dry space. 3. Avoid oily contact with the utensils. Precautions: 1. The golden frame on the cover of the Wangfu Zodiac Memorial Cup (this is gold water), which was painted by the craftsman. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4463/24205748178_403209be71_b.jpg Product specifications: No.: A06T20001 Size: 112X82X78mm Capacity: 180cc Weight: 175g Place of Origin: Taiwan ※ The graphic is for illustrative purposes only, and the actual product is subject to the item received.


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