Pink Purple Jasmine Brooch / Pendant Morgan Stone Morganite Green Gold Pre-order

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Can be used as a brooch and pendant Pink jasmine brooch Jasmine pearl brooch Designed with purple jasmine stone as a purple jasmine bud, with a sweet pink purple. Morgan Stone - the energy stone of courage and confidence. ~The number is limited, until the


Pink Purple Jasmine Brooch / Pendant Morgan Stone Morganite Green Gold Pre-order


Jasmine pearl brooch Cucumber jasmine brooch and pendant chain "And the white people boast" I still remember the beautiful and wise Fucha Queen in the "Leading Raiders"? When I watched the drama, I saw a green plant in her garden and a white flower bud. I checked it out and it was jasmine. The studio is so deeply in love with it~ the original jasmine is so long~~ When you first see Jasmine, you will be attracted by its quiet and elegant, petite and exquisite, pleasant and pleasant gesture. Jasmine is native to India and was formerly known as "The Last Li", which was introduced to China since the Han Dynasty. After Jasmine was introduced to China, the Chinese people were enchanted by its fragrance and obsessed with its beauty. Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty wrote: "The ice is a light and cold woman, and the snow is light and auspicious." The image in these two sentences is jasmine. ~ So the studio wants to design a [a beautiful jasmine flower] that is waiting to be released~ Jasmine expresses the purity and sincerity in love, expresses the loyalty to love, the loyalty to the lover, the love without falsehood. In many countries, jasmine is regarded as a gift for many young people to send a girlfriend. It is a "flower of love" to express a loyal love to each other. Morgan Stone, also known as peach beryl and emerald, aquamarine family, often referred to as "pink emerald", "pink aquamarine" Morgan stone color is pink, light orange red to light purple red, rose , pink. It is so bright pink because it contains manganese. When designing, I want to put the warm feeling in the jewelry, so that the people who receive such gifts can make the heart warm, full of love; full of blessings, give the feeling of fullness. Ps. Actually, don’t look good on boys’ suits~^ Add a long chain of sterling silver to the link below. ♥ size : about 5cm x 4cm maximum length and width ♥ material : brass, 925 sterling silver pins, natural morganite (natural stone has a unique texture and color, each one is different, the studio is shipped randomly) ♥ package : beautiful packaging design Packaging and fonts are hand-made and written by the studio. Can also be the design of home decorations ~ When the upper cover is used as a stand, it can stand firmly, and the double-sided foam can be attached to the bottom to be more stable. Wall decorations~ Each piece is like a beautiful animal and plant collected by the designer, and the name of the beautiful things is noted. Carefully collect these hard-won treasures. Let the jewelry be like a collection of plant specimens and animal specimens. It is easy to get close to nature and learn and live in nature. I hope that you can taste this work and do it one by one. 保养 Maintenance: Basically, the rhinestone is very strong and not easy to fall or peel off, but do not press and fold. Take a bath and sleep, don't use chemicals. Try not to touch the water, please touch the water as soon as possible. The cold enamel pigment used in the studio is imported from Europe. Although the price is slightly more expensive, it is safe and can be used on food utensils. On the metal, the pigment, to minimize the user's allergens and wearing comfort, It is the heart of chiching design chess design studio~ ♥ murmur : All the photographs are sold. In order to clearly show the micro-size and appearance lines, the natural stone is different in size and is arranged and selected by the designer. The gloss of the work is gentle. Hand-painted The traces of the lines and hand products are somewhat different from the product photos, creating unique characteristics, thank you! For safety design, the brooch design silver needle can not be rotated. When opening the needle, please do not force it to turn. After the silver needle is opened, it will tilt up about 35 degrees. It has flexibility and sufficient space for wearing. Please pay attention, thank you. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan design and manufacture


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