Micro-custom | Let's Gogoro! Hand-carved rubber stamp (with small stamp pad)

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オーダーメイド可能な商品, Pinkoi限定商品
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This is a micro-ordered product (not related to the design draft, directly drawn and produced by the designer). Please provide the "People Photo" and "Name", and read the "Commodity Description". After confirming the consent,


Micro-custom | Let's Gogoro! Hand-carved rubber stamp (with small stamp pad)


/Micro ordering instructions / After orders ▴, please provide**"people pictures"**and**"name"**, to facilitate drawing and engraving designer (as the name suggests**within 6 English words**is better). ▴ This is a micro-ordered product,**does not discuss the design draft, directly designed by the designer and produce a unique hand-carved rubber stamp**, which can speed up the arrival time! For the designer's product style, please watch the image below, or go to Facebook to search for fan pages:__小迷路-I Got Lost__. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1755/27512434817_0ebb541b62_z_d.jpg / Designer's little 唠叨 / ▴ are all design draft**For Discussion Only rubber stamp custom rubber stamp and seal it with, sell copyright-free**Do as he (To provide design draft electronic files, please Lingqia designer ^^ ) ▴ Hand-stamped rubber stamp series products are 100% hand-made. After completion, there will be some gaps with the original design draft (the kind that is difficult to identify with the naked eye). The thickness of the stamped lines will also be affected by factors such as force and ink. Please be careful! /Size & Material/ ▴ print face of each rubber stamp**. 4. 4 cm ^ X**in square, the overall height of about 2.5 cm. ▴ Use pine wood and engraving with an eraser and cream. ▴ Each comes with a rubber stamp are a small stamp pad Micia dark brown, size**3 cm ^ 3 the X-**, will be put together in primary color linen pouch. /Use and maintenance / ▴ to ink pad / ink pad**tap**rubber stamp, to the rear surface of the rubber stamp picks color uniformity, the sheet can be stamped; Ruoyu stamp in fabric / wood / other items, with a dedicated stamp pad is recommended to Lee colored. ▴ After each use, please pat the toilet paper or paper (remember:**Do not rub or wipe the**back and forth), let the ink on the rubber stamp dry up; the next time you stamp, you can try on the white paper first. Cover, check if the last ink color has no residue, it will not affect the different color of the stamp pad / ink pad! 请勿 Do not use glaze/alcohol or non-rubber-specific cleaning solution to avoid corrosion of the rubber stamp body. ▴ The rubber stamp should be placed in a dry environment in a normal way to avoid sun exposure, sharp objects and external wear. ▴ If you have any questions, please contact the designer via the Pinkoi platform or Facebook fan page :) /About Little Lost -I Got Lost*/ ▴ Use a carving knife to engrave your big dreams into a small rubber, let them carry gentleness and courage, accompany you to travel and get lost together:)


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