Empty phoenix mini cartoon plant group

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Empty phoenix mini cartoon plant group


The store for a mini-painting group into the store, the photo size of the larger easel group stores are as follows: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1INl11x2?category=5 Do not contain the pineapple ornaments in the photo ------------------------------- Easel size Canvas + box part 8 cm * 6 cm Shelf part 7cm * 11cm ------------------------------- [Product content] Wood frame*1, canvas + aluminum*1, air pineapple * 1 (live plants) (varieties of random shipments) [Watering attention] When you wipe the water, please remove the dry air and then put it into the water, and avoid the water mark on the white canvas. ------------------------------- Air pineapple conservation [Watering] winter less water (water frequency 4 days to a week) / summer (depending on the hot weather conditions, about 2 days once) / direct wet spray, but pay attention to need to avoid water. [Environment] placed in a ventilated environment, the balcony to avoid air-conditioning hot air ventilation direction. [Sunshine] scattered light half sunshine environment can be. [Breeding] air pineapple per plant individual, a lifetime only to open a flower, after flowering will be long side buds pass the line, the mother plant after flowering from the flower bar to the plant gradually aging (more than a month or more). [Note] If you want to be placed indoors, please be careful not to place in the hot (if you feel hot) place, after watering, please get rid of excess water, the surface can be wet, with particular attention to the weather changes, such as Cold / typhoon / suddenly there will be a thunderstorm season, try not to let the strong plants or their own sensitive varieties to the rain. The store is a personal store, can only provide 'private chapter' receipt, can not provide the order and invoice receipt, if attached or attached to the private receipt please specify in the note, if not specified is not available [note] Natural plants some freckle leaves, leaf injury, it is normal, if not accepted please do not set. ----------this product is a live plant, outside Taiwan do not buy---------- Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan handmade


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