Love spell LED night light Valentine's Day gift confession gift

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Love, curse - Do you believe in the existence of the god of love, Cupid? After meeting you, I believe it. Otherwise, how can you be tempted to see you? Otherwise, how can you come to mind all the time? Otherwise how can I feel more and more loved you day b


Love spell LED night light Valentine's Day gift confession gift


[If you choose "personalized design", please send the text message to the designer, thank you] ✨ Product specifications: Base size 8cm in diameter * 2.5cm in height Base weight 335g Base color wild black / fashion blue / pretty orange / champagne gold / sweetheart powder (please choose your favorite color in the specification 喔) Rated voltage 5V (USB powered, this product does not include a charger) Rated current (color) 240mA (white / warm white) 200mA Power consumption (color) 1.2W (white / warm white) 1.0W Light board size 13.1cm*10.7cm*1cm Switch (color) remote control (white / warm white) USB line switch Light color (color) White. Red. Green. Dark blue. Yellow. Light blue. Purple (white) Color temperature about 5700K (warm white) Color temperature about 3500K Accessories Acrylic Light Board*1. Aluminum Base*1. Remote Control*1. USB Cable*1 (After 2 Colors) Place of origin Taiwan ✨ Personalized description: Write a whisper that only wants to say to him on the light board to give each other a surprise! * If you want to personalize the design (replace the text in the light board with what you want to say), please select "+ personalized design" [Please send the text message to be edited to the designer after ordering, thank you] ✨ Shopping Tips: 1. Please read the product introduction and related instructions before purchasing. Be sure to confirm that the product name, style, base color, and light color you purchased are correct. 2. For personalized/customized service, please refer to the "FanYour Personalization and Customization Specification" first, and please note that the personalized/customized product has no seven-day appreciation period and does not apply to the cash on delivery method. 3. Due to the different resolution of the computer and mobile phone screen, the colors displayed on the product and the screen may be slightly different. Perfectionists should not place orders. 4. The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. If there is a functional problem, the warranty is free and the product appearance damage and defects are not included. 5. This product invoice is shipped with the goods. If you need to open a triple invoice or change the invoice address, please use the “Talk” function to inform. ✨Return process: 1. Seven-day appreciation period: If the consumer is not satisfied with the product, he can return the product within 7 days of receiving the product or cancel the contract. (Note: Personalization/customization does not apply!) 2. Return instructions: If you want to return the product, please return it in the original packaging, including the complete box, goods, instructions, if the original box is damaged or lost, will not accept the return. 3. If you have any problems after receiving the goods, please contact us and attach a photo of the defective part, and you will be replaced as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. ✨Frequently asked questions: Q1. How long after the order is placed, can I receive the product? A: The general product will be shipped within 3~5 working days after the order is placed. Personalization/customization needs to be confirmed after the order is confirmed. After confirming the drawings, the shipment will be completed within 3~5 working days, and the urgent needs cannot be met. Thank you~ Q2. Will the product be invoiced? A: All products are shipped with invoices. If you need to open a triple-invoice, please use the “Language” function to indicate the editing and uploading when you place your order. If the invoice delivery address is different from the delivery address, please indicate when using the “Language” function. We will send the invoice by post after shipment. The invoices currently available are traditional handwritten two- or three-way invoices and electronic invoices are not available. Q3. Can the product be sent to the designated location separately? A: The purchaser can be different from the recipient, but because the general operation process is to send the invoice with the goods, if it is the gift demand, please use the "talk" function to explain the invoice delivery address, we will send the invoice by mail. Send it out. Q4. Can the product be customized? Customized charging method? How long can I receive customized products? A: FanYour Story Light Design Workshop provides personalized and customized services. Please refer to FanYour's official website for "Personalization and Customization Specifications". If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the customer service staff. Customized charges: The color of the light source is white or warm white, and the price is 799~1099 (depending on the complexity of the pattern); the color of the light source is 949~1299. Please send the pattern or photo to the customer service staff, we will reply you the same day or the next day after the receipt. (Reminder: If you are unable to receive your order immediately, you will be served as soon as possible on the day of work) Customized time: The customization process will go through the following steps: (1) Transfer the image file and select the style information to the customer service staff. After the receipt, reply to the quotation on the same day or the next day. (2) After confirming the quotation, place an order at the designated store. (3) Start the artwork design and expect to complete the schematic draft for confirmation within 2~3 working days. (4) Draft and revision, each modification is about 2~3 working days. (5) Start the production after confirming the pattern and complete the shipment in about 3~5 working days. Generally speaking, if there is no repeated modification, the customized product can be shipped within 7~10 working days. Q5. What is the difference between personalization and customization? Personalized charging methods? A: Personalization refers to modifying the text on the original pattern provided by FanYour to create a personalized teaser that is exclusive to you. Customization is provided by "buyers to provide pictures or photos", the design is redesigned and produced by professionals, and your warmth and memories are preserved with the best looks! Personalize, please select the style directly at the store and place an order (optional purchase [personalized design]), and mark the personalized text in the product note field. Adding personalized design, the cost is as marked as +0~ +50 yuan. Note: Some products are not personalized (the products that cannot be purchased in the store [personalized design] are products that do not provide personalized service) For the personalization process, please refer to the "Personalization and Customization Specifications" of FanYour's official website, or a private customer service staff. Thank you~


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