Customized Pet Flower Hand Painted Watercolor Illustration - A5 Size Full Body Frame

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Pet custom A5 size full body watercolor



Customized Pet Flower Hand Painted Watercolor Illustration - A5 Size Full Body Frame


🐈 Odin Art 👏🏻小啰唆 opening Some of the proceeds from the design of the museum will be used to help stray animals. Because of limited ability, they can only help the waves and waves to feed them to the end of their lives. There are many waves coming and going, and every day there are various dangers and tribulations. Life is really fragile and small. In fact, feeding waves is a very heavy matter. If you can hope that everyone can see some help and help on the road, give some water or food, and it is most meaningful to do it yourself. At least in its life, there have been wonderful moments because of your efforts. 💓💓 More stories of hairy children FB FB : Odin Art**Painting smudge lab** 🎨 About Illustrator MuxyK I have been exposed to various paintings for several years. Because my family is a professional painter, I have a deep attachment to painting since I was a child. I like to try out various media to present works, whether it is computer graphics or basic hand-painting, and various aspects of contact practice, so that design and painting have continuous growth, it is very interesting to not find the new things in the status quo. I hope that you can also feel this vitality in my work. Read this page Product Information: **Single plant wreath**full body**pet hand-painted illustration**NT2800 (including hand-painted manuscript, wooden picture frame) ✨👉🏻 Design Hall has a half-length illustration of the store, you can also order a larger painting, please contact the designer of the museum Pigment: Japanese Holbein watercolor, Newton watercolor Paper: Japanese advanced watercolor paper Painting size: 23cm*18cm (Not full version, you must leave the white lining works properly, please learn more about the designer's style, and then order) Frame size: 23cm * 23cm (frame can be discussed separately to make up the difference plus other more advanced style) Maintenance: Keep away from direct sunlight in a dry place **have any questions, please press the contact button with the designer and leave a message to us** 🤔**How to order** A. First use the contact designer button on this product page - contact illustrator a. Provide a picture of 3 clear and complete hairy body postures. b. Think about your needs and discuss the illustration composition with the illustrator. I hope that the orderer can understand the difficulty of production, but the painter will try to capture the charm of each child. Perfectionism hopes that hundreds of hundred images will not be placed. **I hope that the subscribers will look at the normality of the collection of pet baby and art.** **The order is to understand the style and description of the design gallery喔** c. After the discussion is confirmed, the designer will send or send a customized contract to you. To confirm the unsigned signature photo return, Or choose to draw your baby's name very naturally in the picture. This step is to ensure that customers and designers have a pleasant and exclusive customized transaction, and I hope to understand. d. Confirm the order and place an order on this page of Pinkoi. 👀 Working days ✨ I hope that you can understand that the works are the results of the illustrator's years of experience and practice. It takes some time for the work to go from discussion to sketching to start coloring. Slow work can really be done. So don't accept the urgent order, please forgive me~ I hope that every baby can be painted beautifully and then delivered to the customer. **Before and after the general order, the discussion will be completed until the completion of the draft for about two weeks. If the case is arranged more frequently, you will be informed in advance during the discussion.** Sometimes the drawing is smooth and will be drawn early and sent out. If the gift is really urgent, you can also discuss with the designer. **Note:** After the customized illustration was sold, the image copyright was owned by the illustrator - MuxyK MuxyK has the right to share online and exhibition rights The commissioned drawing image must not be re-made and used for commercial, profit, and other purposes. If you need the above remanufacturing or commercial needs, please contact MuxyK and set a separate project offer. The order is deemed to be the same as the client's consent and compliance with the above specifications. 🙂 **Thank you for supporting Taiwan native illustrators, your support is the driving force for us to continue to draw good works** Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan hand drawn


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