Chunbo wooden handmade pen tanned leather writing pad with laser lettering wooden pen wood pen

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Hand-pricked by real cypress wood handmade ballpen with Italian tanned leather writing pad


Chunbo wooden handmade pen tanned leather writing pad with laser lettering wooden pen wood pen


Limited release Cypress wood handmade pens Italian vegetable tanned leather writing pad ● Made in Taiwan ------------------------------- Slowly open wooden box "~" A faint scent of scent came from the air Unwrap the straw rope and spread the vegetable squid writing pad "!" is the original leather incense catalyzed by plants. Take the cypress pen carefully At this time, you are silent and you will ponder over the sweet and fragrant woody ... ------------------------------- A good pen, a good writing pad, creating a perfect writing experience The best choice for spring and summer gifts 【Product specifications】 Cypress wooden handmade ball pen*1 Taiwan Gao Shi Atomic Refill (Black)*1 Sky Cover Pencil Box (21x7x3.6cm)*1 Crazy Horse Leather Protection Pen Cover*1 Non-woven scratch protection cover*1 Cotton flax pockets*1 *MIT Hardware Manufacturing & Coating, Rotary Core, Patented Axial Structure, Durability, No Failure * This product "refillable refill", international standard refill, all major bookstores are sold. *Can specify the cylinder or straight style, after the order is issued, please call for private news or order notes to inform, did not tell the uniform to ship the cylinder 1. Lettering content, font selection, please use the order text remark function when ordering. 2. Pure Chinese and English character engraving, please order $2,120 with the option of marking wood species. 3. There is no need for text engraving. Please place an order without the option of laser $1,880, and choose the type of wood in order notes. 4. If you need to sculpt words in Traditional Chinese or English, or pictures, please provide the "Black Line on White" image file before "Before placing orders." Due to the need to increase the typesetting and translating process for engraving pictures, according to the complexity of the image, the overall price will be provided after the additional valuation. Generally, 100-200 yuan will be added! [About vegetable tanned leather writing pad] Cortex: Italian vegetable tanned leather (also known as tree skin, saddle leather) Thickness: 1.5-1.8MM Selected Italian vegetable tanned leather with fine leather and firm skin Special thickness of leather to handle the thickness of the most portable notebook Not too thin, but there is a certain degree of stiffness The leather is not selected for special treatment such as coloring, showing the most original leather color The color part will create new life over time due to different ways people use it. Inadvertent water mark inhalation will also present a unique charm in the future Deeply traces the traces of the user's history Gradually savoring the true color of leather in the future - lighter skin tone gradually transforms into beeswax and has a lot of fun. The leather made from botanical tanning agents contains no substances harmful to the human body. It is a kind of green leather that can be used in direct contact with the skin. Leather fibrous tissue compaction, small elongation, good moldability, due to strong water absorption, high plasticity, easy to shape, very suitable for carving and skin plastic. There is a gradual caramel color characteristic over time. Precautions: 1. There may be slight differences in the natural leather skin, pleats, wrinkles, etc. in the genuine leather parts. It is a normal phenomenon. We try to use the most traceless parts for you. 2. Vegetable tanned leather will become dark because each person uses a different one, and there will be slight traces of writing or use. This is a normal phenomenon. 3. There will be different shades of shade on the back of the dermis. 4. There are many types and hardness of leather leather, each person uses the touch and pen tip writing have slightly different changes, it is recommended to use roller pens, ball pens or Pen F fine tip. 5. If you use a pen with M thickness or calligraphy, be careful to contaminate your skin with too much ink. Use and maintenance methods: 1. If long-term use does not require special leather care oil treatment, hand oil is the most natural treatment method. If it is not common users, it will be oiled and washed once in January and March. The vegetable tanned plant will be accelerated due to the maintenance of oil. Deep, as a normal phenomenon. 2. Due to the large variety of leather maintenance oils, it is recommended to maintain them from the corner, confirm that they are not sticky together, and then oil the entire product. 2. Leather is most afraid of moisture, and it must be protected from moisture and moisture during use. If water is accidentally touched, water marks on the surface are normal. 3. When not in use for a period of time, please place in a ventilated place. Do not use plastic bags and other objects to seal the collection. [Wooden pen maintenance matters] 1. In addition to metal fittings, this product is handmade by natural wood. In some cases it will produce natural cracks. 2. Sun exposure, over-drying, and prolonged periods of dark, damp weather can cause cracking of the wood and should be avoided. 3. This product is natural solid wood products, no chemical dyeing, there will be natural color difference, product photos are for reference only. 4. Do not use chemical lotion for cleaning. I'm a humble factory in Taiwan's alleys, a seventh-grade student who has been solidly trained by old craftsmen. My specialty is woodworking lathes My most precious equipment It's a weird mind And blistering red hands And these hands are eager to take the time-honored memory of Taiwan’s traditional craftsmanship... A manual wooden pen must go through 10 processes: material selection, reclaiming, drilling, calibration, plugging, turning, sanding, painting, assembly, testing The coating is coated with two layers of Japanese formula and wood coating agent produced in Taiwan. Paint passed SGS-RoHS, heavy metal test, no defects, no oil residue, no corrosion Anti-UV, moisture-proof, anti-mildew allows you to write peace of mind and peace of mind [Special order] There are many wooden materials in the studio, and the material of the pen body can be customized. If you have special needs, please write to us and communicate with us before placing your order.


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