BALMUDA The GreenFan - a natural wind fan

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BALMUDA's GreenFan is the first electric fan to fully reproduce natural wind. Reproduce the comfort of the breeze blowing in the summer afternoon. Use the refreshing breeze sent by GreenFan to accompany you through the cool and comfortable summer days.



BALMUDA The GreenFan - a natural wind fan

商品説明 The GreenFan reproduces natural wind fans through unique technology. Reproduce the comfort of the breeze blowing in the summer afternoon. Use the refreshing breeze sent by GreenFan to accompany you through the cool and comfortable summer days. Only BALMUDA's GreenFan technology uses a double-layered fan blade to deliver a breezy breeze like a natural wind, and it has a wide wind. The degree of boasting is about 4 times wider than that of a general electric fan, and the degree of comfort can be called natural wind. Ultra-quiet, lightweight, free to adjust the swing angle. In order to make GreenFan a convenient home appliance, many ideas have been incorporated. The beauty of the four colors, choose any one. (white × black; white × gray; white × gold; dark gray) **Product Specifications** Product Name / The GreenFan (Japanese Green Fan) Body size / 330mm (width) × 320mm (deep) × 871mm (height: floor fan) / 497mm (height: table fan) Product weight / about 4.1kg Rated voltage / DC 12V Operating power / power supply line length is about 1.8m (power supply line length) Color / white × black (model: EGF-1600-WK); white × gray (model: EGF-1600-WG); white × gold (model: EGF-1600-WC); dark gray (model: EGF-1600- DK) Packing list / The GreenFan body, instruction manual (with warranty), power supply, remote control *BALMUDA TAIWAN Design Hall All goods delivery and repair warranty is only for Taiwanese consumers and cannot be shipped overseas. **Performance / Operation Mode** Power consumption / 1.5W ~ 20W (when the battery is not charging) 1-day electricity rate standard (*1) / 1 yuan Minimum operating sound (*2) / 13dB Farth air supply distance / 15m Air volume adjustment / 4 files Timing / 1・2・3・4 hours Automatic swing head / left and right maximum angle up to 75 ° Manually adjust the angle / up to 75 ° left and right; up to 19 °; down 11 ° *1 The electricity tariff is the lowest level, the standard for 1 hour and 8 hours of operation. Calculated according to 1 degree 3.7 yuan. *2 The minimum running sound is the sound value measured at a distance of 1 meter from the anechoic chamber. *3 The maximum working time is the working time at the lowest level. **"Charged Battery & Charging Base Specifications"** Name / Rechargeable Battery & Charging Dock Model / EGF-P100 Package contents / BatteryPack (rechargeable battery), Dock (charge base), operating instructions (with warranty) **"Rechargeable Battery Specifications"** Built-in battery / rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery Battery capacity / 4500mAh 7.4V (33.3Wh) Input / Output / DC12V 3A Max / DC12V 1.3A Charging time / about 8 hours Charging times / about 500 times (depending on usage) Dimensions / width 164mm × depth 17.5mm × height 86mm Product weight / about 270g Estimated duration / air volume 1: 20 hours air volume 2: 17 hours air volume 3: 6.5 hours **Base Specification** Dimensions / width 80mm × depth 80mm × height 24mm Product weight / about 40g **"Award Record"** The GreenFan won the 8th KID Design Award, the 2014 Best Design Award, the Japanese Design Award and other awards, and was evaluated as an excellent product of design, advancement, and safety. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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