Universal bag leather hand stitched (green)

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Universal bag leather hand stitched (green)


Product introduction Round bulging fat bag, like a little house ~ a Do not know if there is no elf living inside It is a multi-purpose package, whether stationery or sunglasses, What do you want to install? Size | Bag body: 18.5x wide and 6x high 6cm Material | Bag body: the first layer of leather Brand introduction A hammer a cut, a needle line. Everything Hippies: D Are all trying to catch the good, Carefully crafted with extraordinary artistic style to show adherence to aesthetics; Pay attention to texture, adhere to pure leather hand sewing. Satisfied smile is our hard work! The ultimate and insistence of creation: D Each piece of leather has its own unique lines, color and thickness, Like you and I have a special style, taste and taste. Hippies with creative ideas to beautify the mood and fit human nature, So that those who have Hippies can issue self-confidence satisfaction: D Is Hippies: D's original creative and ultimate goal! Little knowledge of leather Each piece of leather has a different texture, will vary according to different sources, perhaps the country, perhaps the growth process of cattle or the environment caused by, It will inevitably have a little scars or mark, so each piece will be unique, but for the integrity of the work will try to avoid the traces of the block, But there will be some traces of existence, and each time in the selection of leather, due to skin, dye, dyeing and other factors are different, the color will be slightly different is a normal phenomenon. Care and maintenance 1. Dermal leather should try to avoid rain, sharp scratches, etc., if accidentally stained with water or wet, the use of clean cloth to dry the water, or can be placed in the bag to absorb moisture, and placed in the ventilation Dry dry, Remember not to use the hair dryer or sun exposure, so as to avoid deformation of leather parts. 2. Leather is like a human skin, there will be traces of sun, but also because of our use and maintenance of the way, there will be different colors, can be used to gently wipe leather oil, usually when not in place , Avoid dry or moldy, regular maintenance and care to keep it long! Precautions 1. Leather color will be different because of this difference will be different, but also because of the different computer screen will be some micro-color difference. 2. To retain the original leather texture, if no special needs, we do not handle the oil. 3. Each piece of leather will have a different pattern and mark, and sometimes can not be avoided, please consider clearly before the next single. 4. Leather goods will be shipped before the first layer of leather maintenance oil, according to the size of your skin for your packaging, if the gift package, please inform the next order. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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