Mud and glass - dark grey and grey | cement pot / candle light - many discounts

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Do you like cement pots? Then you must take a look at the art of creating pots and glass. Combined with the plant window, not only let you master the method of controlling water, but also change the more artistic art!



Mud and glass - dark grey and grey | cement pot / candle light - many discounts


The art of creating cement pots and glass I believe that it is a kind of pottery that many people have never seen before. In order to learn the processing method of glass, Specially internship at the Changhua Country Glass Factory, personally experience this heavy physical and dangerous, and salary Not high work, in order to come up with the way of combining applications, I finally came up with the combination of cement and glass. The new design can be said to be the technology that risks life at risk every year. During the three-month internship, it is inevitable that the glass will be cut by the family, but the veteran of the factory. The same cuts often have to go to the hospital for surgical suture treatment, visible glass design should be all design The area that the teacher does not want to touch. Perhaps in order to be able to make the product innovative, the designer is working overtime every day, I have been thinking about how to apply it to cement materials, so that such innovative designs appear in Taiwan. So I hope everyone, don't waste the innovative changes that designers have made for plant pots. Of course, it’s not just a cement pot. It’s actually the most unique in the candle light DIY. Night light or fragrant candle. The art of creating clay and glass is the first designer of Taiwan cement pots. I hope that the bonsai art will not only be combined with practical and aesthetics, but also write down for Taiwan’s cultural strength. New creative goals, I hope everyone can understand that cement is not just a building, it is also a A product that combines aesthetic art. Material: cement / glass / pigment Ruler: 5 x 5 x 6(H) CM Hole position: 4 x 4 x 5(H) CM (about 2-2.5 large pots) | Bottom opening is subject to purchase Glass window: 2 x 5cm (clear glass) Use: succulent / dry flower / candle holder / green algae ball / pencil case / doll box Weight: 120g (g) --- -The basic stocking days do not include three days of weekly rest (if you want to give gifts, please let us know, you can arrange to ship as soon as possible) -7-11 days of delivery at least 2 working days (such as at least three working days for out-of-stock items) This product is handmade, so there is a natural appearance of cement: | Cement will have uneven rough texture and uneven tangent. If you want perfect, please forgive me. Cement material will have normal pores and mottled cement. | Cement products are fragile, do not fall |About creating small things| Starting from Changhua, Taiwan, the creation of small objects is the mainstay of the innovative and unique concept of the products created. Every piece of work in the market is avant-garde and creative design, not for other people's shadow goods, only Do your own brand work, and strive to make Taiwan's creations so that the world can see our creative ability. Force, this is a kind of insistence on original design, not to be the shadow of others, only to make the best of yourself.


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