Meow meow Moving Castle [House] cat house three ultra-luxury - a combination of super-satisfied cat house Scratching jumping toy combination

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Meow meow Moving Castle [House] cat house three ultra-luxury - a combination of super-satisfied cat house Scratching jumping toy combination


We pursue new ideas, debut
To create a simple and environmentally friendly design, to create new pet home fun.

Cat house looking at the market, uniform appearance and cheap price like a high wall standing in front of consumers.
So we started to explore, to think about how to improve and create a better product experience.
And communicate new ideas, from a simple house cat pet supplies, given that it is the role of home decoration.

We are behind the seemingly simple, contains more mind

Previous cognitive cat house, complex production of raw materials, the environmental burden caused by the cumbersome processing methods inadvertently.
The costs tend to be imposed on the consumer. So we decided to return to the way of manufacturing the most efficient and does not destroy the environment. Through continuous experimentation and the development of design, streamlining the process to make the finished product at the same time delicate,
In order to provide a better product prices and attentive, so that consumers feel the product in good faith with our intentions.

Original, cat house can be presented

Cat house purchase, such as the selection of jewelry to match their own general.
In our eyes, cat house has been placed in the home, it is also the ornaments, home decoration as a function of the environment,
We designed a streamlined geometric shapes reflect Dushishenghuo texture series can mix and match colors
Home colors and materials to be through graffiti, painted to add fun and to build their own cat house.

More, we care a little bit of

Meow house is not only concerned with the design, from pet health perspective, the use of the product is absolutely necessary carefree.
Therefore, we are safe to use certified raw material in the processing and printing, to give cats the most safe and secure environment.
And active use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials in our products.

Insisted that we start from the heart

Adhere to quality management, absolutely care about user experience, and expect our early heart can ferment in society.
For Ziranhuanjing little better, some of the user can be more intimate, so that the appearance and function again perfect step.

We are environmentally-friendly, affordable, brand design - meow house
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan design, manufacture


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