[Ravioli five into the affordable group] Dishwashing / bathing / washing fruits and vegetables


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    ● natural to oil ● Environmental protection can be naturally decomposed ● No chemical treatment ● Tough plant fiber
  • https://youtu.be/xXWvBU6dQbU
    舒 about Shu melon
    We are a Taiwan-based local agricultural loofah brand, the main creation loofah derived products,
    Towards the cultural and cultural development point of view to the development of environmental protection and natural aspirations, the production of loofah-related products, raw materials from
    There are farms, through in-person cultivation, management, collection, to control the quality.

    In the geography as a starting point in the field of agricultural and cultural creations, through specialization, bring good friends and good quality
    Inspection, recovery gradually forgotten agricultural culture, back to the good old times.

    ▌ life is simple
    Ravioli is good use, health and environmental protection
    More important is the feeling of peace of mind
    Used to natural products, you will not go back.

    Although the cost of environmental protection is higher, put a lot of manpower, time, material and planting costs. Non-chemical products
    Cause the cheap, how much how much. If less chemicals, can reduce the burden on the environment, then I have to choose to love
    Protect the land a little more.

    Our ravioli, not the pursuit of beautiful, just practical, no bleaching, without any chemical treatment.
    *◢ judgments small write ◣ fiber color obvious white and particularly hard, no impurities, beautiful over the need to pay more attention.*
    ▌ use
    When washing dishes | fiber is soft with water, does not scratch porcelain, will not let the family eat the risk of chemical composition.
    Natural de-greasing features, no need to add too much dishwashing detergent, save a little purse.
    When bathing | Exfoliating it is good to use (each person's skin tolerance is different, it is recommended that the horny thick place is particularly good)
    When washing vegetables and fruits | soft fibers, brush any angle, not afraid of residue.
    ▌ Save
    Food-grade kraft ziplock bag, long shelf life, avoid placing in damp place after opening. Losses according to the washing time
    / Times vary, usually about one to one and a half months.
    ▌ end
    The time to replace, let him return to the dust, do not worry will destroy the environment, you can throw in pots or soil
    After a period of time it naturally biodegradable.
    Loofah little secret
    Ancient plants, the body is treasure, bask in the sun or Chinese herbal medicines. It grows very interesting, long fast,
    To go fast. The old saying goes: "Plants planted in February, growing seedling, vine tree, or scaffolding" annual plants,
    Although life is short, there are many nutritional and practical values that bring us many conveniences in life.
    ▌ advice
    Kitchen hygiene products such as: chopping block, vegetable melon cloth, etc., it is recommended to regularly replace a month to avoid the growth of bacteria, completed
    Exactly healthy is very important, pay more attention to the basic food and safety, establish good living habits, from the source. *
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    ▌ video data
    ※ vegetable melon cloth news reference ※
    ※ Squash Elementary School - Ruiguo cloth and bitter tea wash powder demonstration film ※
    ▌ specifications
    [Ravioli five into the benefits group]
    Size | 11cm * 8cm ± 1cm
    Note | Manual cutting in order not to waste raw materials for the principle of size as much as possible (taking into account the grasp of practicality).
    ▌ brand story
    The former man made the sunrise, and the sun fell
    People are doing before sunrise, the sunset is endless
    From time to time to see parents busy busy in the fields busy, very hard.

    Chen Dad said that now the economic environment is not good, you young people are particularly hard, laughing both helpless and distressed.
    From farming all his life, he insisted on the phrase "want to stay a little bit more for you in the future," so selfless dedication, such as the earth
    Irresponsible to give, this love must be continued.

    What Shucuo wants to leave is a beautiful memory of the land. You buy more than just goods,
    thing. 50 years planting experience combined with a new generation of innovation, looking forward to more than a friendly environment for agricultural products, living
    Should be with nature, the best to share with you, not hidden silk.
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[Ravioli five into the affordable group] Dishwashing / bathing / washing fruits and vegetables

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