Clothing/Space Fragrance Spray 50ml

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A premium fragrance product made in Taiwan, Give you an elegant and fresh life aesthetic, The mildest ingredients and natural formula, Packed in a boutique fragrance, Overturned the image of the old fragrance spray products.



Clothing/Space Fragrance Spray 50ml


◆Product Description◆ A premium fragrance product made in Taiwan, Give you an elegant and fresh life aesthetic, The mildest ingredients and natural formula, Packed in a boutique fragrance, Overturned the image of the old fragrance spray products. Can be at any time, Anywhere, Can be sprayed in the air, It can also be sprayed on clothing, fabrics and sheets. Just a light spray, Let your favorite taste accompany you. ◆How to use ◆ Align the nozzle with the clothing or space to be sprayed, It is recommended to spray once every place. Avoid eating clothes in the same place, And spraying at close range, So as not to cause stains or discoloration. This product is no different from the perfume products sold on the market. All can exude a pleasant fragrance! ◆Scent introduction ◆ ♞M08 Warm White / Warm White Top notes: lemon, white jasmine, rose Middle notes: lily, orange blossom, clove Base: white musk In the summer morning, the English style is fresh and sweet, and the white and full of flowers are fragrant, sweet and not greasy. There is a kind of warm heart surrounded by happiness, and there are some green leaves of branches and leaves. This is the gentleness of the girl. The smell is fascinating. ♞M17 Albizia / Silk Blossom Top notes: lemon, apricot blossom Middle notes: Albizia, cherry blossom Base: moss, frankincense Different from other rich floral fragrances, this section has a delicate aroma. The top notes of apricot peaches are combined with the details of acacia flowers and cherry blossoms. They are quietly blooming without any enthusiasm. With sweetness, it is intriguing and naturally radiates a light and lonely. The temperament, calm and comfortable, arbitrarily spread into a fragrant fragrance! ♞M19贵妃柚柚/ YuZu Royal Top note: sweet pomelo Middle notes: grapefruit, peony, freesia Base: amber, almond The sweet pomelo is a top note, blended into a bright fruity tonality. The overall aroma is lively and light. It is like a painting. It is softly scented with some peony and freesia. It is soft and refreshing, and then it is fresh and comfortable. Pleasant citron flowers, as well as almonds, make the scent collide with a richer layer, soft and sensual! ♞M21 South Island / South Island Top note: citrus Middle note: orange flower Base: zephyr As the main aroma of orange blossom, the classic elegance and freshness are the reasons for everyone's love. There is no strong fragrance, no eye-catching, elegantly blooming self-style, close your eyes and savor, Let you use it, it is difficult to extricately fall in love with this unique style of smell. ♞M25 Aurora Rose / Aurora Rose Top note: mint Middle notes: violet, rose Base: amber The classic unbeaten rose exudes a fascinating aroma. This rose is different from the traditional one. The soft mint flavor of the top is like nothing. It casually mentions the overall aroma. The middle notes add a little violet and amber. The fragrance is fragrant and mellow, and the taste is more full and fascinating than the rose on the market. It always shines on the body and makes people unique! ♞M28 New York / New York Top notes: sweet orange, lemon Middle notes: rosemary, jasmine, lily Base: musk, moss, broccoli The beginning of the faint sweet orange, lemon bursts of fresh smell, followed by rosemary, jasmine, lily, soft and fragrant, and the bottom of the musk, moss, lavender grass layer and harmony, turned into the streets of New York, with When you pass by, you will look back, so energetic and sexy, forming a great masculine scent that makes people want to be close! ♞M39 Blackberry / Blackberry Top notes: grapefruit, blackberry Middle note: bay leaf Base: cedar, vetiver Wild berries and grapefruit, with a slight sweet and sour, fresh yet lively, like the colorful light of the night sky, the splendid fireworks feast, the herbaceous texture of the bay leaf, let the taste a bit Stable power, flexible and full of a firm attitude, listening to the fragrance of this neutral fruit tone, anyone will fall in love! ♞M41 cotton seed / Cottonseed Top notes: chamomile, fennel Middle notes: magnolia, orange blossom Base note: white musk, vanilla Exciting soft white floral bouquets, adding a touch of elegant night scent, wrapped in vanilla-flavored musk, light and faint like cotton, soft, lingering and comfortable. It can be swayed to savor the light, very popular soft, but with a touch of vitality! ♞M49 Apricot Blossom / Nectarine Blossom Top notes: apricot, black currant Middle notes: honey, peach, honeysuckle Base note: zephyr Juicy apricots, black currant and the delicate morning of the spring garden blend with the sweetness of honey. The middle notes of honeysuckle and peach blossom, the base aroma of vetiver and honey, the layers of various flavors overlap the incredible fantasy and beautiful scent, and you must try the perfect aroma! ♞M56 Little Spring / Little Spring Top notes: pears, apples Middle note: pear, rose Base note: white musk The sweetness of the pears combines with the crisp apple scent. The fragrant lemons are softly matched with silk. The mouth-watering pears, supple roses and white musk are the perfect match. This is a dream. A soft, feminine femininity. ♞M59 Teak / Teakwood Top notes: mahogany, lavender Middle notes: teak, geranium Base note: patchouli The smell of fresh woods, mixed with fresh breeze, blends with the fragrant fragrance, a little calm, but with a bit of mischief, the geraniums set up wood and herbs, is the role of holding the perfect sense of smell, unisex Neutral wood tone.


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