KerKerland-Wedding Small Objects-Natural Farming Tea Bag

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From Nantou Lushan, natural farming tea garden, organically verified tea. *Customized wedding tea bags order quantity is 100


KerKerland-Wedding Small Objects-Natural Farming Tea Bag


From Nantou Lushan, natural farming tea garden, organically verified tea. *Customized wedding tea bags order quantity is 100, if the number is less than 100, it is recommended to refer to the ready-made wedding tea bag style: * Tea bags can be stored, no shelf life! (Please try to put it in a cool and dry place) * Tea bag taste can be arbitrarily matched: black tea / oolong / Tieguanyin / red water oolong / green tea (please note the taste and quantity) 25 yuan for the price of a single bag of tea. (Silver packaging is oolong, please inform 事先 in advance if you want silver packaging) Outer package size: 8cm wide x 9.5cm long Sticker size: width 4.5cm x length 5.4cm Customized quantity: The minimum number of tea bags produced is 100 copies of a single image. If the number of copies is less than one hundred, the price of 800 yuan will be charged. If there are any remaining stickers, it will be sent to the newcomers! (Please contact us for a large number of requests, please confirm the completion time) Xiao Yan: Because the number of selections in the Pinkoi product page has a maximum of 15 limits, But as long as you put in the shopping cart, you can directly update the number of items. Remind you to use the computer version to order the number! (If you are using the app version, slide to the bottom left corner and switch to the computer version) Custom wedding tea bag template: style-A Style-A-2 (wearing glasses version) style-B Style-B-2 (wearing glasses version) style-C style-D Style-E (wearing glasses version) style-E-2 style-F style-G style-H style-H-2 style-I style-J style-J-2 Style-K style-M style-N style-L photo If you choose a new model, please send a photo with sufficient resolution (300dpi) to the KerKerland mailbox after the order is placed. To use your own picture, you can also provide a photo with sufficient resolution (300dpi) after ordering. Please set the size in straight: 4.6cm x 5.6cm and send the image to KerKerland mailbox Examples of illustration styles offered by other newcomers: Photo style: Please choose your favorite illustration style and tea bag taste, and send a message to KerKerland or note the new name (Chinese or English), wedding date and tea bag type (black tea / Tieguanyin / oolong / red water oolong / green tea) , can be arbitrarily matched with the number), we will confirm the layout design and completion time with the message! *After confirming the picture, you will receive it within 10-14 days! (Timely newcomers please send a message to ask for the completion time!) *KerKerland's all postcard illustrations are available in a custom format. Please ask us for additional images! Wedding invitation system: *For other countries (outside Taiwan), there will be different international shipping charges depending on the order quantity. The basic price will be charged first in the design hall. If the basic price is exceeded, the store will be charged for international shipping. * Tea cooperates with Chuanfengtang Natural Farming Tea Garden. Natural farmland tea garden, completely free of pesticide spray, friendly land and environment. Product Name / Organic Transformation Alpine Tea Agricultural Products Operator / Lin Peijun (Chuanfengtang Farm) Address / No. 10, Lane 698, Renhua Road, Dali District, Taichung City Country of Origin / Country / Taiwan Certification Agency / National Chung Hsing University "Brand Story" "KerKerland" is a land full of joy and laughter. With the beauty of life as the theme, the creation of simple and childlike, expects to present ample vitality. I hope that every viewer can feel the intimate warmth and initial courage in the painting. Origin / manufacturing methods Place of Origin: Taiwan Design: KerKerland


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