Portable watercolor sketchbook | 300 lbs A6 fabriano | Spring and summer

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The cover is made of a book cover, and the mezzanine can be placed with a small piece of paper such as a business card or a ticket stub. Discard the cardboard cover used in general hand-made, which is lighter and less heavy.


Portable watercolor sketchbook | 300 lbs A6 fabriano | Spring and summer


Watercolor information
Size | A6 straight
Cover | Plant wrapping paper
Number of pages | 18 sheets
Watercolor paper
Brand | fabriano (Italian)
Pounds | 300p
Material | Pure cotton pulp
Medium and thin
Our IG and FB: @tothemoonart
Entity Consignment Point: Cospace / 1F, No. 35, Daren 5th Street, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City
This product cooperates with howhowphoto, and uses the background of the philosophy of "Leaving White".
All photos are taken for a good photographer.
If you have a need to take a product photo, you can estimate the dog and refer to their product!

A note that you should not buy (please peruse before placing an order!)

1. To the moon art is a one-person studio. It is handmade from cutting, folding, sewing, wrapping to completion. It takes an afternoon to do a book. If you need a zero mistake, wireless head, Do not buy a well-produced watercolor book with neat edges.

2. The product shipment does not include photo props, only the watercolor one and the business card. Packaging is not to be wasteful or gorgeous (because I have wasted a lot of paper), if you want to give gifts or want a beautiful packaging, you need to do it yourself.

3. The new series is not glued, so it can be flattened at 180 degrees. The page will be looser than the average notebook. If you need a page like the average notebook, or if you need to tear the page, please do not buy it.

4. The cover of the new series is folded into a cover instead of thick cardboard by the book cover method, so you can place small paper products such as ticket stubs and business cards. However, depending on the thickness of the book, there will be small creases or uneven places. You are used to a flat, thick cover like a thick card. Do not buy.

5. The stencil series book can't control the noise and white cracks on the paper because of the material relationship, and it will have the old retro texture after a long time. If you don't like it, please don't buy it.

6. If you can't accept the manual texture and possible small mistakes, please don't buy it, avoiding you being unhappy, I am not happy, we are really not a watercolor version of the machine.

7. The photo will be lighted, so the object will be darker. We don't take all the pictures in real life, but there will be some slight color difference between different screens and devices. If you have problems, please don't use them. You can ask questions.

8. If it is unfortunate that the product you received is really unacceptable, please communicate first, we can make up or replenish it. It is not too late to receive the replenishment after receiving the replenishment. I will accept the improvement humbly.


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