Mini succulent pendant earrings pair --- half-ball retro color series succulent plants

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New product ✪ New product ✪ New product ✪ ☞Super-healing system is a small multi-meat earrings---semi-balls retro color series☜


Mini succulent pendant earrings pair --- half-ball retro color series succulent plants


New product ✪ New product ✪ New product ✪ ☞Super-healing system is a small multi-meat earrings---semi-balls retro color series☜ This collection is draped and fleshy with cute retro-colored half beads, and the asymmetrical earrings show different visual effects! (A pair can be matched with different colored beads) Each of the small meats is about 1cm in diameter, and one earring has 3 small meats (with small bright diamonds) that are light and unburdened :) Rose red & cream white beads size => about 1.8cm Sapphire & 藕 purple beads size => about 1.5cm Just buy two pairs, send one cactus candle, and so on (after a limited number of supplies) ★Product specifications ★ Material: Japanese resin soil, non-toxic water-repellent protective paint, beads size: Rose red & cream white beads size => approx. 1.8cm total length of about 4.2cm, weighs about 5g (excluding ear clip metal) Sapphire & 藕Zizhuzi size => about 1.5cm total length of about 4cm, weighs about 4g (excluding ear clip metal) ⭐Use: Stainless steel ear pin (Japanese) clip-on ear clips (all have a silicone pad behind the ear, it will not hurt for a long time) ★ production time ★ 10 days (handmade by the designer (coloring and drying, coloring and assembling the protective paint), please be patient and thank you ^^) Buy this earring free packaging ~ This is my gratitude to give us a thank you ~ ★Please pay attention to the instructions & after-sales service ★ 🔺All works are made by hand, and will not be returned after sale~ Because of all the hand-made products, the products you make may have some small differences with the photos. The colors are also drawn by hand. It may be slightly different in the environment (please refer to the actual product), but they will not be too different from the photos. Big, each one is very careful and careful, please understand and agree to order again~ 🔺If you find a problem after receiving the product, please contact the designer by private message within 5 days of receiving the product, and provide photo reference. I will try my best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you. ★Use and maintenance method intimate little bell ★ The surface of the hand-made products will be protected by a thin protective paint, but do not soak in water or bring in a lot of water (ex.Bathroom, swimming pool, hot spring..) If the surface of the jewelry is dirty or water, please use Dry the wipe with a dry wipe; if it is dusty, wipe it with a soft brush and keep it dry! The base metal material avoids contact with sweat for a long time (rain, sweat). The metal will be slightly oxidized after being used for a long time. It can be cleaned with a silver cloth and can maintain the brightness of the metal. If not, put it in a separate zipper bag or It is stored in a dry storage box to prevent the jewelry from rubbing against each other and damaging the oxidation time. It also prevents dust and can be stored for a long time! ⭐ When the handmade jewelry is not worn, please do not put it directly into the bag to avoid impact. Please place the jewelry bag or storage box to protect it from high temperature. Do not press it hard. Good maintenance and maintenance is the best care for every piece of jewelry~~ ➕Welcome to follow the horsetail small freckles FB & IG ~ will share life hand-made photos and works ➕ also welcome to share #label Hashtag beautiful wear photos ❣❣❣ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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