No Flower Key Ring-Sleeping Beauty Aurora

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On the birthday, the three fairies gave away Beauty Wonderful sound Can be awakened by true love and saved from the curse of bad witches


No Flower Key Ring-Sleeping Beauty Aurora


On the birthday, the three fairies gave away Beauty Wonderful sound Can be awakened by true love and saved from the curse of bad witches Material used: Japan's air transport imports of non-withered flowers, acrylic ball shells, wool felt, related accessories, etc. Work size about 7cm in diameter The finished product will refer to the demonstration work as much as possible, but the handwork will have slight differences and will not be completely the same as the photo Exactly the same !! It is recommended to accept and re-order [Don't Wither Flowers] Preserved Flower- Preserved Flower currently has many titles in China, such as non-withered flowers, preserved flowers, immortal flowers, etc., not dry flowers or artificial flowers. Originally from Europe, the non-withered flower became popular in Japan. It is used in weddings, flower gifts, etc., and it is included in the floral production. It is a common living gift in Japan. Non-withered flowers or immortal flowers, which literally means flowers that will never fade, are made of high-grade flowers that have been screened, dehydrated and decolorized through a special decolorizing solution, and then immersed in a special solution and dyed. Organic liquids that do not harm the human body allow flowers to maintain a flower-like state and feel for years. Roses and hydrangeas are the most common, but there are also a wide variety of carnations and asterides. At present, most of China does not rely on Japanese imports for air transport to Taiwan. Most of the non-withered flowers are without leaves and branches. The use requires a lot of hand-made processes. The process is complicated, but it has also become a new favorite in hand-made art. Save without flower- ★ No need to water, just keep it dry. ★ Avoid storing in the sun or humid place, it can prolong the storage time. ★ It can be stored for more than 1-2 years if it is well-preserved. Depending on the storage time (3-5 years), the color may gradually change. Shallow phenomenon. ★ It is inevitable that the flower products have petals rupture. Try to avoid multiple touches to avoid increasing the chance of rupture. ★ When the flower is transparent, stained, or oil droplets appear too humid, it should be avoided. Touch fabrics or walls that are easily dyed. ★ Non-withered flowers are prone to dust on the surface for a long time. You can use a soft brush or a hair dryer to cool down regularly. The wind blows away or dusts away.


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