Natural silk floss


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    **Natural silk - strong and resilient** **Natural beeswax – smooth, easy to penetrate into the teeth** **Purely natural

    **Why use natural floss**

    The general commercial floss is made of artificial fibers such as nylon yarn and Teflon yarn.
    It cannot be decomposed in the natural environment, but it will be garbage for thousands of years after it is discarded.
    Generally speaking, in order to pursue smoothness, dental floss will be coated with paraffin wax before it can easily slide into the teeth.
    Paraffin is also a chemical product. It is used in the mouth and there are doubts about the dissolution of chemicals.
    Is flossing so close to the human body that better materials cannot be used?

    **Natural silk - strong and resilient**

    Ivory silk is a natural long fiber, strong and elastic,
    After many times of cleaning, high-temperature cooking sterilization, and use a special twist line method to become detailed and strong silk.
    Meet the floss's need for "anti-pull" properties.

    **Natural beeswax – smooth, easy to penetrate into the teeth**

    Beeswax is a natural material and has been used in cleaning products since ancient times.
    You can isolate the air from corruption. Applying to the floss can make the floss smoother.
    The wax used for dental floss is paraffin derived from petrochemical raw materials, and beeswax is a by-product of beekeeping.
    The impact on the environment is less affected, and it can also be broken down in the natural environment.
    The texture of beeswax is also more detailed, and the floss will have a fine and soft feel.

    **Purely natural without adding**

    Do not add "preservatives, bleaches, fluorescents, artificial synthetic essences"
    Don't worry about bisphenol A (BPA) or aroma substances will become environmental hormones

    **Inflated dental floss – stronger cleaning power**

    Natural silk fibers absorb water and swell.
    When used, when the dental floss enters into the teeth, the saliva will swell, and it will be able to fit more closely with the teeth.
    During the cleaning process, more dirt and tartar can be brought out.
    Therefore, the cleaning ability of natural silk floss is even higher than that of commercially available nylon floss.

    **Zero waste No coil axis**

    The specially designed reeling method allows the dental floss to be drawn from inside out.
    Without the use of spools, unnecessary waste can be reduced.
    (General dental floss is drawn from the outside and inside, there will be a plastic spool at the core of the coil, causing unnecessary garbage.)

    **Special cut cap design**

    Stainless steel special cap design can cut the floss directly, easy to use, not afraid of the bathroom moist and rusty.

    **Coil refill pack - no waste**

    At the same time, the dental floss supplement kit was launched. After the dental floss is used up, it is only necessary to purchase a supplement pack to avoid repeated purchases of the outer packaging and unnecessary waste.

    **Transparent Bottle - Clear**

    The dental floss cans are made of glass and can clearly see how much of the floss is left, and can be replaced or purchased as soon as possible.
    It is not enough to find that the floss is not enough when it comes to teething.
    Living with your heart can change the world

    We started from dental toothbrush to dental floss,
    I hope to be able to use natural, environmentally-degradable materials,
    To replace plastic and chemical products in life.

    Environmental protection should start from life.
    The power of living with your heart can change the world.

    **Have a good day with us and be better with the earth.**
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan Design China Made Handmade
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Natural silk floss

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