US Rubbabu Natural Latex Cart - - 2skool Bus Yellow Bus - - Biodegradable Infant Green Toys

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Rubbabu cart body and tires are full of pure natural latex, no filler. Simply use the unique nature of natural materials



US Rubbabu Natural Latex Cart - - 2skool Bus Yellow Bus - - Biodegradable Infant Green Toys


Size / Size: 16cm Applicable age / Age: 0+ 【Control. The key strength of small muscle group Rubbabu cart body and tires are full of pure natural latex, no filler Simply using the unique nature of natural materials, design full of natural elasticity and real physical car Rubbabu cars that can roll over three turns and rebound are the motile babies game Buddy! Simple design fit the infant hand, feel natural, intuition can grasp the manipulation Ergonomic patch angle to help children develop control in the game, hand-eye coordination Chase every run, are developing children's visual acuity and simulation capabilities ~ **【Brand Story】** Good toys in addition to non-toxic safety and security assurance, how at the same time with nature, environmental protection, art? By the cohesion of one family, Rubbabu upholds natural simplicity from India to the United States. Sincere honest concept, handmade toys designed for infants and young children. Rubbabu is__the world's only__pure natural latex made toys green toy brands. Design to the production of every aspect, embrace the vision of children, the protection of nature, the ambition of a sustainable environment. The production process does not consume water ﹑ low energy consumption ﹑ not deforestation, only pure natural oak latex hand foam molding into a soft cute and safe Rubbabu toys. Rubbabu's stunning touch comes from a special flannel made by the Swiss manufacturer Swicofil. Velvet-like velvet velvet, wrapped in plastic-made natural latex toys, to the child gentle and comfortable and safe contact. Not unique shape is by Rubbabu design director - internationally renowned sculptor Arun Kumar HG design. Arun Kumar HG believes toys and sculptures have the same qualities of feeling the essence of things by themselves, incorporating this sense of art into Rubbabu's designs, and preserving their imaginative superb creativity. **【Natural Latex】** Each oak can only produce__30ml__milk a day. Oak milk contains__natural antibacterial protein__, foamed to form a natural latex with millions of pores,__excellent elasticity__,__soft__,__breathable__,__anti-mildew__,__antibacterial__and__Hypo-allergenic__,__fire retardant__and__natural biodegradable__characteristics, is the world recognized green materials. (RUBBABU pellets physical section) **[Soft. Safety. Natural material** So that the most need to protect the 0-year-old baby can feel at ease, is the first of the origin of the Rubbabu toys Small fingertips, fingers, palm, contains the most sensitive recognition Soft and delicate touch x Variety of shapes x Rich, saturated colors Provide multiple sensory stimulation for infants and young children. Increase brain neuron link Handmade Rubbabu natural latex toys. No filler inside Has a very flexible natural latex toys. Is a good partner for the development of children's feelings **【Award record x non-toxic guaranteed】** From raw materials to design and manufacture, Rubbabu accords with the safety standards of the EU and other countries in the world and obtained ICTI certification. At the same time, it has been repeatedly recognized by Dr. Toy's, Parents' Choice Award, Creative Child Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award and PTPA Awards. Baby growing necessities - [About. Multiple tactile stimuli Tactile system is the most advanced system in the process of individual formation. With the sense of touch, large and small stimuli can be received. Therefore, the fetus already has a superficial touch when the embryo gradually divides and develops in the mummy's uterus. Tactile, but also one of the most well-developed nervous systems at birth. When the baby is born, the baby is mainly acquainted with the new world through the sense of touch because of the immaturity of the channels of interaction with the outside world, such as his language, movement skills and cognitive development. Moreover, the sense of touch is the first sensory reaction established. As the baby's growth changes, the sensory organs in various parts of the body gradually develop. The good tactile development can effectively increase the connection of the brain neurons and help to sensory integration. Feel the ability to integrate and action maturity is more closely related to the learning and development of children's growth and development ~ Rubbabu winning record over the years 2017 ✪Seal of Approval and Editor's Choice award from the Family Review Center ✪Creative Child Program - Toy of The Year Award from Moms and Educators 2014 ✪Creative Child Award 2013 ✪Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Children's Product ✪ Academymics' Choice Award ✪Parents' Choice Award ✪PTPA media Award 2012 ✪Dr. Toy Best Children's Products ✪Parents' Choice Award-Winning Company 2010 ✪Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Products ✪Dr. Toy's Best Green Toys award ✪Creative Child Award ✪Parents' Choice Award ✪ Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award ✪ Oppenheim Toy Portfolio SNAP Award - Special Needs Adaptable Product {Complete cleaning and maintenance instructions}: After the purchase will be accompanied by a complete description of the maintenance mode small card Or please refer to the design museum policy simple instructions ~ Rubbabu Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing. Shopping Tips}: See the Design Gallery policy Origin / manufacturing methods Indian handmade


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