[Classical Ink] Immortal Rose Bouquet / Valentine's Day / Graduation Bouquet

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[Classical Ink] Immortal Rose Bouquet / Valentine's Day / Graduation Bouquet



[Classical Ink] Immortal Rose Bouquet / Valentine's Day / Graduation Bouquet


[Bouquet size] Package width 28cm, height 30cm (The size is artificially measured, and each flower will have a slight error.) ●About no flowers: 1. No flower is a true flower, also known as frozen age flower, eternal flower or stellar flower. 2. After the flowers are harvested, it takes 1~1.5 months to complete the dehydration, decolorization and dyeing to the dryness. 3. The best viewing period is 2~3 years, so it can be stored for a long time. (Without the flowers, it will not fade, the color will fade slowly) 4. The color of the non-flowers will change with time. It is very fascinating to observe their changes carefully~ 5. Dyes without flowers are safe, non-toxic and tasteless, but it is still necessary to avoid eating by children and pets. ●About dry flowers: 1. Dyed plants or flowers, air dried or directly dried naturally. 2. Valerian flowers, Sola flowers, wood flowers, etc., are handmade flowers made by natural cutting and collage. 3. Dry flowers are more fragile and can be placed for about 1 year and a half or even longer. 【Precautions】 1. Avoid contact with water, no flowers and dry flowers do not need to be watered. 2. The flower is not a flower, and it is easy to cause deformation or damage of the flower body. 3. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. (Sunlight will accelerate the fading speed of the flower, and the environment with heavy moisture will cause the petals to stain.) 4. When it is dusty, it is recommended to use a soft brush to gently rub it, or blow it off with a cold air blower. 5. Each flower grows differently, so it won't be exactly the same as the photo 100%. 6. In case of shortage of seasonal flowers, the same flower material will be replaced. 7. Photographs may be slightly different due to different computer screen devices. 8. Please confirm the size and precautions of the gift before purchasing, which can greatly reduce the situation that does not match the imagination. 9. If you have any questions after receiving the gift, please contact the designer. [Send Notice] 1. It is inevitable that small flowers will fall during the delivery process, which is normal. 2. The flower gift sent by Super Merchant is more likely to be damaged, and some flowers are not provided with Super Merchant. 3. The sending process designer can't expect collision, drop, etc., but the package will be shipped with perfect anti-collision processing. If there is any damage after receiving the gift, please contact the designer. . 4. If the purchaser is different from the recipient, please be sure to inform the recipient that there is a shipment to avoid the rejection. Yu Sheng is a personal studio, the designer alone to complete the order, production, packaging, shipping, etc., the message will not be instant, but will reply. The use of non-flowering materials by Yusheng is directly delivered to large factories such as Japan's Dadi Farm and Florever, and the quality is stable without the loss of flowers. If you have a custom color system, you will be welcome to discuss the letter. 有 Any questions about flower maintenance after purchase can be asked.


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