Lixia Compound Essential Oil 10ml - Mosquito Repellent Fragrance

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[Inclusions] 10ml Lixia compound essential oil, carton packaging Choose a variety of essential oils that help to refresh your mind and drive away mosquitoes. In this season of expecting heavy rain and heat, use natural essential oils to aroma. Although not


Lixia Compound Essential Oil 10ml - Mosquito Repellent Fragrance


**Creative concept** ▶I believe in the pure power of nature ▶Use natural plants and mineral powder as materials ▶Awaken life tastes and fun ▶Reuse of resources, simple packaging ************** Fragrance, if there is nothing in every corner of life, it is easy to be forgotten, but often for a moment, it also brings back many deep memories, the tranquility of walking in the forest, the joy of fruit gardening, the sweetness of lovers when dating, mom The aroma of the body... The sense of smell, compared with the five senses, is a practice that is often overlooked. Since the exposure to essential oils, it has slowly recovered the sensitivity of the sense of smell and has begun to touch the fascinating world of fragrance. Using natural essential oils as materials, matching the memories of the mind and infinite imagination, we will start a game of playing games and expect to let the fragrance penetrate your thoughts and resonate with them. ************** **Product desciption** Summer is a season of joy, mosquitoes, and small babies. The hot weather sometimes makes people feel high and sometimes makes people feel embarrassed. Choose a variety of essential oils that help to refresh your mind and drive away mosquitoes. In this season of expecting heavy rain and heat, use natural essential oils to aroma. Although not strong, you can help you in a safe and enjoyable way. Boost the spirit and calm the mind. [Inclusions] 10ml Lixia compound essential oil, carton packaging [Essential oil packaging] brown with glass suction bottle [Use] Repel mosquitoes, refresh your mind, balance your mind and body, purify the air [Scented] Fresh and sweet with rose geranium as the main ingredient, with a refreshing and familiar woody aroma of herbs. [Material] Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Alfalfa Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil [Usage] When using essential oil to spread the fragrance, draw about 4~6 drops onto the carrier each time (adjust the number of drops according to the size of the carrier, environment and space). 【Precautions】 ▶︎Applicable to water oxygen machine, diffuser, diffused stone, incense lamp. ▶In the case of aromatherapy, you can use your baby or baby in your home. ▶︎ Does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, chemical additives. ▶ ︎ No dilution of 100% pure essential oil, the concentration is high, so it is not recommended to apply directly to the body. ▶ ︎ ︎ compound oil is mainly based on aroma, supplemented by soothing effect. ************** Natural taste is to let the natural rich life taste ~ In the past, we called the land a mother and had a close relationship with nature. On the contrary, life seems to be improving, but in pursuit of a better and more convenient material life, we arbitrarily seize natural resources and create indigestible garbage, in addition to causing many environmental problems. It also casts a shadow over human health. People belong to nature and always have a thin line to pull. Even if they are born in the city, just try to slow down and listen to their inner voice. What we need is actually very simple. Excessive material desires make people forget to cherish their side. possessing. And nature is like the mother's gentle arms, in which you can open the five senses, life can be simple and happy. Pursuing natural life is a long journey back to life. When we reflect on our own needs and the sustainability of the environment, we can be conscious and choose a better lifestyle for ourselves and the environment. ************** **Buy Xiaoyan** ▶Invoice delivery Invoices are included with the goods. If you need to send another invoice for the gift, please let us know, so that we can use the post office to send the letter, or donate to the relevant charity. ▶Packing method Each package should be packed with recycled paper bags and hemp ropes as much as possible. Recycling paper bags or cloth bags are required. You can purchase them yourself or leave a message asking for other needs. ▶Other Handmade products can not be fine and perfect, please leave a message, please provide a photo of the product before shipment, if you accept the reorder! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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