My biggest recommendation is a woman - Peptide collagen peptide skin scarf - ink blowing

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My biggest recommendation is a woman - Peptide collagen peptide skin scarf - ink blowing


**"Best Woman Recommended for My Show"**

[WEAVISM TUTORIALISM] Designed for the purpose of creating a wardrobe for travelers, blend into every single item with "justified" designs and continually innovative fabrics.
The best known is the brand name UMORFIL® Collagen Peptide, which uses collagen from Tilapia, a native of Tainan, to extract collagen and combine them with textile fibers using supramolecular technology. Cloth not only skin-friendly, moist feeling, but also has a strong natural deodorant function.
Product Features:
Infused with Collagen Peptide
Moisturizing Moisturizing
Sensitive Skin Friendly for Sensitive Muscles
Anti-UV Anti-UV
Naturally Deodorizing
Thermoregulation thermostat
Great for Ladies and Gents for both men and women
Taiwan Handmade in Taiwan
Material from Taiwan abandoned fish scales, on the ground, environmental protection, sustainable Eco-Friendly
Function does not decay due to washing
All the mentioned benefits remain, even after multiple washes
The weave-based WEAVISM is based on the demand. This time, collagen is injected into a gentle silk scarf, which not only enhances fashion, but also brings skin-friendly, moisturizing and anti-UV skin benefits Features.
The neck is the most prone to aging, moisturizing blessing collagen peptides, both in the plane or out of the air-conditioned room, can bring baby-like skin care. WEAVISM Collagen peptide skin scarf, is the best companion for you to walk around the world.
The collagen peptide used in the scarf is made from Tainan's native material, Milkfish scales, which are made from high-tech supramolecular technology and weaved from a unique process. Thin, supple skin touch, so that face and neck can feel that touch of gentle.
And through different methods of binding, can show or cool, or style, or gentle, or sweet, amazing variety:
Necklace is not already a patent for girls, opened the magazine and other GQ, men have used scarves to add more layers to their dress. If you are in the air-conditioned room, but also for the female partner block a little cold, not only embellishment of the man's fashion taste, while showing gentlemanly demeanor.
[WEAVISM] the choice of UMORFIL ® beauty skin fibers
This is an animal protein physical properties of regenerated fibers, the raw material for the marine collagen peptide amino acids and rayon fibers, is a new functional green fiber decomposition. Beauty skin fiber has a silk-like luster, soft cashmere-like smooth, breathable hemp fiber breathable characteristics, to meet people's natural clothing, comfort, personalized pursuit. UMORFIL® Beauty Fibers Injection of marine collagen peptide amino acids into textile fibers using biotechnological supramolecular technology succeeded in making collagen peptide amino acid fibers after many unsuccessful attempts to use the fibers to draw yarns, Blends made of cloth, collagen peptide peptide amino acids, has good affinity with human skin, moisturizing ability, comfortable to wear, the greatest feature of UMORFIL® skin collagen peptide peptide amino acid properties even if After washing process can also maintain utility.
Due to the screen pixel relationship between the picture and the actual product may be a slight color difference, please refer to the actual receipt of the goods subject
Origin: Taiwan hand-made
Material: 40% collagen rayon fiber 60% superfine modal fiber
Size: 80 * 180 cm
Product weight: 85g
Contents: Collagen peptide peptide skin a scarf
laundry guide:
‧ Hand wash at low temperature
‧ low temperature machine wash
‧ Can dry clean
‧Do not bleach
Hanging to dry
‧Low iron
‧ Avoid washing with other colors of clothing