*Welfare Products / Display Products*Adult Flavor Leather Triangle Pencil Case Stationery Bag

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オーダーメイド可能な商品, Pinkoi限定商品
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- Welfare products / exhibits are clear, only 1 in each color - Three-dimensional shape, increased capacity - About 20 pens can be placed - Can store stationery or as a cosmetic bag - Free typing (English case or number, 8 words)


*Welfare Products / Display Products*Adult Flavor Leather Triangle Pencil Case Stationery Bag


**This is a welfare item/display item, and the acceptor can place an order to purchase.** **The merchandise may be something that has been accidentally carried with some "small but flawless product integrity" during the production process.** **Or the goods are in good condition, but they have been used as "displays".** **There is only one color, please choose the color according to the picture.** **Welfare goods cannot be returned after purchase, please confirm and purchase.** **The black pencil case is a mark of the cowhide branding. We like it very much, but most of the guests may not accept it, so it is sold after the discount, and other conditions are good.** **The blue leather has a scar on the original leather, and the other parts have no major flaws and do not affect the use.** - When I was young, I always compared each other’s pencil case organs to the most dazzling. Then, after going through the process of writing a graduation album, the size of the pencil case is comparable to that of a cosmetic bag. When you grow up, you may only need two or three pens to write your name. Now, it’s time to have a big-character pencil case to accompany you :) The triangular shape can be put into more capacity. Whether it's storing stationery or as a cosmetic bag, it's very practical! This product can be typed, with**English case**and**number**optional. After purchase, you can fill in the words you want to knock in the remarks. This product can be typed free of charge**8**letters (including spaces) Please purchase more than the following link (6 words, 50 yuan) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/4vnsjjAr Manual stamping is not as neat as a machine, and accepters choose to type the word:) **Can not return goods due to personal preference after typing** https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4620/24887437017_a6675503a3_b.jpg ⊿ Color: according to the picture 规格 Specifications: Single bag, no interlayer and inner lining (**products have the logo of HaoHuo.Lab**) ⊿ Size: about 18cm long x 5cm wide x 7cm high 材质 Material: cowhide ⊿ Use and maintenance: It is the best maintenance to use every day. When it is in contact with water, wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it. ▲ small reminder: 1) Animals, like human skin, will leave marks such as scars and spots due to the growth process. We like this original style very much, so unless it is too serious, it will not be deliberately avoided. I hope that you like us as well. This feeling. 2) Each piece is hand-made. The temperature of the hand-made is more delicious. Please welcome the communication details before ordering. The working days will be more than 7 days. After the completion, you will not be accepted for personal preference. 3) The product has no lining design, and the back of the leather will be treated with basic treatment agent. Therefore, it is normal for the leather fiber to be inside or leave the treatment trace. 4) The dyed products are all hand-dyed, so the color will be slightly different depending on the leather surface condition, and there may be some color difference or unevenness. This is a normal phenomenon, and the longer the leather goods are used, the more their own taste. So please don't worry :) ----- ⊿ Good concept laboratory Haohuo.lab [Leather • Woodwork • Teaching • Handmade] One person loves woodworking, one person loves leather and handcrafted. The biggest dream of two people is to open a favorite shop. We will transform each thing into a product that can warm you and me, and accompany us every spring, summer, autumn and winter quietly and gently. Continue to join hands-on teaching courses, so that more people can experience the touch of a product. Give yourself the courage, add energy, and get ready to go! Every day, it is the best practice to experiment with your own abilities. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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